101 Dalmatians (1961)/Transcript (2023)

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Chapter Number 001 -[]

Chapter Number 002 -[]

(The movie opens on the skyline of a neighborhood in London and pans down to focus on Pongo, and his human pet, Roger Radcliffe, living inside their flat.)
Pongo: (narrating) "My story begins in London, not so very long ago, and yet so much has happened since then, that it seems like an eternity. At that time, I lived with my pet in a bachelor flat just off of Regents Park. It was a beautiful spring day, a tedious time of the year for bachelors."
(Roger is seen playing the piano and writing some notes on the sheet.)
Pongo: (narrating) "Oh, that’s my pet, Roger Radcliffe, a musician of sorts. I’m the one with the spots."
(Pongo is then shown resting on a couch by the window.)
Pongo: (narrating) "My name’s Pongo. As far as I could see, the old notion that a bachelor’s life was so glamorous and carefree was all nonsense. It was downright dull."
(Pongo leans up on all fours and stretches while yawning. He watches Roger smoke his pipe and continue practicing, as we then see Roger's living room with discarded music notes across the chair and floor and a cello in one of the seats.)
Pongo: (narrating) "It was plain to see that my old pet needed someone. But if it were left up to Roger, we’d be bachelors forever. He was married to his work, writing songs. Songs about romance of all things, something he knew absolutely nothing about. Oh, he’s intelligent enough, as humans go. And I think you could say, Roger is a rather handsome animal in his way. I could see no reason why my pet didn’t deserve an attractive mate. At least I was determined to do my best."
(Pongo stares at a cover of one of Roger's pin-up magazines and pushes it aside with his nose.)
Pongo: (narrating) "Of course, dogs are a pretty poor judge of human beauty."
(Pongo then looks at the cover of Roger's Lilliput magazine issue depicting a sexy blonde in a green and pink swimsuit against a blue background.)
Pongo: (narrating) "But I had a rough idea of what to look for."
(Pongo sees a shaggy saluki and her beatnik human pet walk to the park.)
Pongo: (narrating) "Hmm! Unusual breed. Very unusual. Hmm! Oh, surely not."
(He then sees a small, stout pug and her similarly dignified human pet walk the opposite direction.)
Pongo: (narrating) "Well now, what have we here? Hmm. Well, a little too short coupled. Nope!"
(A purple-colored poodle with black-haired bangs and her sophisticated owner pass by.)
Pongo: (narrating) "I say! Well, I do say! Now there’s a fancy breed. Hmm. Perhaps a little too fancy. Yes, much too fancy."
(A cocker spaniel and her elderly owner ride along on their bicycle.)
Pongo: (narrating) "Too old."
(A little girl in yellow and her yellow labrador puppy walk down the street.)
Pongo: (narrating) "Too young. It was a problem, a real problem. Well, now that’s a bit more like it!"
(Pongo sees their ideal wives: An identical Dalmatian with a blue collar named Perdita and her human owner, Anita.)
Pongo: (narrating) "The most beautiful creature on four legs! Now, if only the girl-Well! She’s very lovely too. It was almost too good to be true."
(Anita and Perdita walk to Regent's Park.)
Pongo: (narrating) "I’d never find another pair like that, not if I looked for 100 years. Ah, they’re heading for the park. A perfect meeting place if I can only arrange it. Uh-oh, but Roger never stopped work ‘til after 5:00. That would be too late."
(Pongo sets the clock hands five minutes after 5:00 with his nose, rushes to Roger's study, and prances and barks at Roger to get his attention.)
Roger: "After 5:00 already? Fancy that."
(He puts on his trench coat and trilby hat.)
Roger: "All right, Pongo. All right, boy."
(As soon as Roger puts the leash on Pongo, he takes off, heaving Roger through the front door. The scene slides away to see them traveling quickly through Regent's Park.)
Roger: "Pongo, boy, take it easy! What’s all the hurry? Pongo, boy, slow down."
(Pongo looks around the area and sees the pug from recently barking at a few pigeons to chase them away. The, the two bachelors. cross a bridge past the saluki and her master painting this scene of the park. Pongo the continues)
Pongo: (narrating) "I was afraid we’d missed them. Perhaps they passed on by the park. Then, suddenly… I spotted them."
(As told, Pongo sees Anita reading a book on a park bench with Perdita sitting next to her.)
Pongo: (narrating) "It was a perfect situation if I planned it right. I couldn’t depend on Roger. I knew what he’d do. He’d settle on the grass, puff his pipe and that would be it."
(Roger sits on a bank of the Thames River to look at the scenery with Pongo sitting next to him.)
Pongo: (narrating) "No, it was all up to me. Well. At first I had no particular plan, just anything to attract attention. You know, stir things up a bit."
(Pongo goes ahead and grabs Roger's hat.)
Roger: "Pongo, you silly old thing!"
(Pongo playfully crouches down on all fours and leaps away.)
Pongo: (narrating) "C’mon! C’mon, let’s have it, boy. Pongo! Pongo!"
(Perdita and Anita look at Roger and Pongo fooling around with little amusement, as Roger retrieves his hat.)
Pongo: (narrating) "For a while, it seemed to work. At least they had seen one another. Things were going along first-rate."
(Pongo looks at Roger and then looks at Anita back-and-forth, until he does a take.)
Pongo: (narrating) "But, for some strange reason, they left!"
(Pongo sees Anita and Perdita returning home and tries to make a break for it, until Roger pounces on Pongo to stop him.)
Roger: "C’mon, you old renegade. We’re going home."
Pongo: (narrating) "But I wasn’t giving up. I was determined that somehow they just had to meet."
(Pongo heaves Roger and forces him to meet Anita just in time.)
Roger: "Oh!"
Anita: "Ohhh!"
Roger: "I beg your pardon. Please excuse me."
Anita: "I must say, what on earth!"
(Pongo is overly focused on his goal, that he accidentally ties their legs up with his leash.)
Roger: "Oh, really. Good heavens."
Anita: "Oh, dear."
(Perdita becomes alarmed at this and tries to free her mistress by holding onto her coat with her teeth, only to make things worse.)
Roger: "Ohh!"
Anita: "Ahh, ahh!"
(Perdita accidentally rips off part of her mistress' coat, as Roger and Anita lose their balance and land into a nearby pond.)
Roger: (groaning) "Oh, oh."
Anita: (disappointed) "Oh, my new spring suit and my new hat! Ah, ah…"
(Anita stands back up, followed by Roger.)
Roger: (pleading) "I’m terribly sorry. Please let me help you. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s come over him." (Pongo looks at Perdita and tries to apologize for humiliating himself and Roger, but Perdita turns away from him out of disgust.) "I’m so sorry. He’s never acted this way before."
Anita: (irritated) "Please, just go away! You’ve done enough. Please?"
Roger: (hands her a hankie) "Oh. Oh, I say. Here, take mine."
Anita: "Oh."
(Anita and Roger share a laugh, as Perdita looks at Pongo lovingly. Pongo's plan of getting Roger to meet Anita works, as an iris shines on him, which turns into a stained glass cathedral window. Both couples are now at the church getting married.)
Priest: "Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour and keep her in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others, keep thee only unto her so long as ye both shall live?"
Roger: (solemnly) "I will."
(Pongo and Perdita lean into each other, touching their noses with one another. A few months later, they all settle down at a nice flat just near the park.)

Pongo: (narrating) "For the first six months or so… we lived in a small house near the park. A modest little place, but just right for two couples who were just starting out."

(Pongo and Perdita are snuggling on the windowsill. Perdita sighs lovingly until Pongo wakes up to ask a question to her.)

Pongo: (concerned) "Perdita, darling, are you all right?"

Perdita: "Oh, of course, dear. After all, dogs were having puppies long before our time." (She licks Pongo on the face to reassure him, as a smile runs across his face.)

(Just then, Nanny, Roger and Anita's housekeeper, enters with a platter with cupcakes, a tea pot, and tea cups on it.)

Pongo: (narrating) "Oh, that’s Nanny, a wonderful cook and housekeeper." (Nanny sets the platter down on the coffee table, as one of Anita's notes falls on the floor.) "She’s such a kind, understanding soul." (Nanny, realizing her mistake, gets down on all fours and retrieves the note.) "You know, at times she seems almost canine."

Anita: "Roger, dear, tea time. Tea time!"

(As Roger plays the song on the piano, Nanny uses a broomstick and taps the handle on the ceiling to get Roger's attention.)

Roger: (singing) "Be down in a minute." (Nanny leaves, just as Roger comes out of his study, scatting and whistling to the lyrics of the song.) "Do you like my new song?"

Anita: (scatting as well) "Such clever lyrics."

Roger: (chuckles) "Melody first, my dear. And then, the lyrics, hmm?"

(Roger and Anita rub noses and share a good laugh. As Pongo and Perdita rest their heads on the windowsill, they hear a car coming.)

Perdita: (scared) "Oh, Pongo… it’s her. It’s that devil woman."

(The car, a red-colored Alvis Speed 20 SD Standard Coupe-like model with headlights and bumpers that resemble a scowling face, rockets down the street, blaring its horn, and scares a flock of pigeons while turning a sharp left. Perdita runs away to hide, but Pongo sits there, boldly. The car comes to a sharp, complete stop by their flat.)

Roger: "Oh, must be Cruella, your dearly devoted old schoolmate. Cruella de Vil. (gets an idea) That’s it!" (starts singing)

♪ Cruella De Vil, ♪

♪ Cruella De Vil, ♪

♪ If she doesn't scare you, ♪

♪ No evil thing will... ♪

Anita: "Oh, Roger."

Roger: ♪ To see her is to, ♪

♪ Take a sudden... chill! ♪

Anita: "Ohh!"

Roger: ♪Cruella, Cruella... ♪

♪ She's like a spider waiting, ♪

♪ For the kill... ♪

(The silhouette of Cruella walks up to the front door.)

Anita: "Roger, she’ll hear you!"

Roger: ♪ Look out for Cruella De Vil! ♪

(Roger slips back in his study and plays an instrumental version of the opening lyrics on the piano loudly.)

Anita: "Let her in, Nanny."

(Cruella bursts through the front door on cue, bumping Nanny against the door without knowing it.)

Cruella de Vil: (loudly) "Anita, darling!" (She arrives in the living room.)

Anita: "How are you?"

Cruella de Vil: (sarcastically) "Miserable as usual. Perfectly wretched!" (Pongo backs away from her, as Cruella's cigarette smoke fouls up the living room, forcing Anita to plug her nose and ruining Pongo's vision.) "Where are they? Where are they? For heaven sakes, where are they?"

Anita: "Who, Cruella?"

Cruella de Vil: "The puppies! The puppies". (Roger blares the melody on his trumpet, loudly.) "No time for games. Where are the little brutes?" (Pongo angrily watches her from behind the loveseat.)

Anita: "It’ll be at least three weeks. No rushing these things."

Cruella de Vil: "Anita, you’re such a wit. Here, dog, here. Here, dog." (Pongo, having backed into a corner, snarls angrily at her.)

Anita: "Cruella, isn’t that a new fur coat?"

(Pongo retreats by hiding behind the couch.)

Cruella de Vil: "My only true love, darling. I live for furs. I worship furs! Is there a woman in this wretched world who doesn’t?"

(Roger finishes the melody as he plays it loudly on a trombone, amusing Pongo.)

Anita: "Oh, I’d like a nice fur, but there are many other things…"

Cruella de Vil: "Sweet, simple Anita. I know, I know! This horrid little house is your dream castle..." (She walks over to the coffee table and rudely sticks her cigarette in one of the cupcakes, ruining the frosting.) "And poor Roger is your bold and fearless Sir Galahad!" (bursts out laughing)

Anita: "Oh, Cruella..."

Cruella de Vil: "Then, of course, you have your little spotted friends." (She breathes some cigarette smoke that encircles a portrait of Pongo and Perdita.) "Oh, yes, I must say, such perfectly beautiful coats."

Anita: "Won’t you have some tea?"

Cruella de Vil: "I’ve got to run. Let me know when the puppies arrive." (Pongo watches her leave from behind the couch.) "You will, won’t you, dear?"

Anita: "Yes, Cruella."

Cruella de Vil: "Don’t forget, it’s a promise. See you in three weeks. Cheerio, darling." (She shuts the door behind her and leaves for home.)

Anita: (exhausted) "Ohh!"

(Roger returns from the study and imitates Cruella.)

Roger: ♪ At first you think, ♪

♪ Cruella is the devil. ♪

♪ But after time has worn, ♪

♪ Away the shock... ♪

(Anita looks at him, annoyed, while an amused Pongo watches him sing.)

♪ You come to realize, ♪

♪ You've seen her kind of eyes, ♪

♪ Watching you from underneath, ♪

♪ A rock! ♪

Anita: "You’re no help."

(Roger dances with Anita and Pongo barks and prances around them playfully.)

Roger: ♪ This vampire bat, ♪

♪ This inhuman beast, ♪

♪ She ought to be locked up, ♪

♪ And never released, ♪

♪ The world was such, ♪

♪ A wholesome place until, ♪

♪ Cruella, Cruella De Vil! ♪

(Roger and Anita embrace as they rub each other's noses.)

Anita: (playfully) "Roger, you are an idiot!"

(Pongo goes to the kitchen and sees Perdita hiding under the stove.)

Pongo: (concerned) "Perdy?"

Perdita: (worried) "That witch. That devil woman. She wants our puppies. That’s all she’s after."

Pongo: (consoling her) "Don’t worry, Perdy. They’re on to her. Nothing’s going to happen to our puppies."

Perdita: (worried) "But, what does she want with them? She can’t possibly love them. Oh, Pongo. I was so happy at first, but now I… (tearing up) Oh, I… I wish we weren’t having any." (She sobs as Pongo licks her on the cheek, feeling worried.)

(A few weeks later in October, a thunderstorm has appeared over the neighborhood in London. Rain pours down, lightning bolts flash, and thunder roars.)

Pongo: (narrating) "Poor Perdita. Of course, she had no choice. The puppies arrived right on schedule one wild and stormy night in October."

(Roger and Pongo sit in the kitchen, waiting for any word about the puppies' birth, as the clock is ticking on the wall nearby. Roger puffs nervously on his pipe, while Pongo waits for the door to open, which it does when Nanny comes in. Pongo is looking forward to the latest update, but he frowns when he sees Nanny come and collect a cloth, and she then leaves to go back to check on Perdita, closing the door behind her. Pongo turns to Roger, still puffing nervously on his pipe, and licks his hand.)

Roger: (yelping) "Ohh!" (He flips his pipe in mid-air and catches it.) "Steady, boy." (He pats Pongo's head.)

(After a minute or two of waiting, Nanny bursts in, scaring them both as Pongo leaps into Roger's arms.)

Nanny: (excitedly) "The puppies are here! Oh… the puppies are here!"

Roger: "How many?"

Nanny: "Eight."

Roger: "Eight? By George, Pongo! Eight puppies."

Nanny: "10."

Anita: (offscreen) "11."

Roger: "11? 11 puppies, Pongo."

Nanny: "Wait a minute now, wait a minute… 13! No, no, no. 14. Ohh… 15! 15?" (Pongo's eyes widen in a hypnotic trance and his lips bloom into a smile.) "And the mother’s doing fine, love. You ducky thing, you."

Roger: (excitedly) "15 puppies? Why, Pongo, that’s marvelous! It’s fabulous! Why, you old rascal!"

(Nanny returns with a grim expression on her face as she holds one of the puppies being stillborn in a blanket.)

Nanny: (mournfully) "14. Just 14. We lost one." (She gives the stillborn puppy to Roger, as Pongo looks on with grief. Roger massages his hand on the puppy.) (gravely) "Oh, poor little thing.

Roger: (gravely) Oh, Pongo, boy. It’s just one of those things. And yet…" (continues massaging it) "And yet, I wonder." (Slowly but surely, the puppy regains consciousness as it whimpers, fascinating Pongo for the better. A miracle has been made by Roger!) "Look, Pongo. Anita! Nanny. Fifteen! We still have 15!"

Anita: (blessed) Oh, Roger, he’s all right! Thank heavens!"

Roger: "See? He’s just as good as new."

Anita: "Can you imagine, Roger? 15 puppies!"

(A lightning bolt strikes, scaring Pongo, Roger, Anita, Nanny, and the puppy, and also allowing Cruella to drop in, unexpectedly!)

Cruella de Vil: "15! 15 puppies! How marvelous. How marvellous, how perfectly… ugh!" (She looks at the white dalmatian puppy with repulsion.) "The devil take it. They’re mongrels; no spots! No spots at all! What a horrid, little white rat!

Nanny: (indignant) "They’re not mongrels! They’ll get their spots! Just wait and see!"

Anita: (assuringly) "That’s right, Cruella. They’ll have their spots in a few weeks."

Cruella de Vil: (uncaringly) "Oh, well, in that case I’ll take them all. The whole litter. Just name your price, dear."

Anita: "I’m afraid we can’t give them up. Poor Perdita, she’d be heartbroken."

Cruella de Vil: "Anita, don’t be ridiculous. You can’t afford to keep them. You can scarcely feed yourselves."

Anita: "I’m sure we’ll get along."

Cruella de Vil: "Yes, I know. I know! Roger’s… Roger’s songs!" (She breaks into another laugh riot, as Roger and Pongo glare at her.) "Enough of this nonsense. I’ll pay you twice what they’re worth. Come now, I’m being more than generous." (Her pen isn't functioning right.) "Blast this pen. Blast this wretched, wretched pen!" (Her pen leaks ink spots on Roger and Pongo.) "When can the puppies leave their mother? Two weeks? Three weeks?"

Roger: (firm) "Never."

Cruella de Vil: (facing Roger) "What?"

Roger: "We’re not selling the puppies. Not a single one. Do you understand?"

Cruella de Vil: "Anita, is he serious? I really don’t know Roger."

Anita: "Well, Cruella, he seems-"

Cruella de Vil: "Surely, he must be joking!"

Roger: "No, no, no, I mean it. You’re not getting one. Not one. And that’s final." (Pongo nods with him in agreement.)

Cruella de Vil: (enraged) "Why, you horrid man! You… you… All right." (She rips up the check.) "Keep the little beasts for all I care. Do as you like with them. Drown them!" (She scowls at Anita.) "But, I warn you, Anita, we're through. I’m through with all of you! I’ll get even. Just wait. You’ll be sorry, you fools! You…" (shouts inappropriately) "YOU IDIOTS!"

(She leaves and slams the door behind them with the door window shattering. Thunder continues to roar as Pongo barks at her, angrily.)

Anita: (blessed) "Oh, Roger! You were magnificent, darling."

Nanny: "He was a bloomin’ hero, ma’am! Indeed he was. A bloomin’ hero!"

(Pongo leaves the scene and runs downstairs to meet up with Perdita, who is resting with their newborn puppies.)

Pongo: (excitedly) "Perdy? Perdy, darling? We’re keeping the puppies, every single one of them. My ol’ pet Roger, he told that devil woman off." (Perdita smiles.) "He told her off, Perdy. She’s gone. Darling, she’s gone for good. "

Perdita: (relieved) "Oh, Pongo."

(Pongo and Perdita go to sleep, as their puppies whimper and cuddle by their mother's belly.)

(A few weeks later, the puppies have grown and now have their spots, names, and red and blue-colored collars, as they watch their favorite TV show with their parents: The Adventures of Thunderbolt! Thunderbolt himself is in hot pursuit of his chief enemy, Dirty Dawson, who shoots his pistol to annihilate Thunder.)

Penny: "C’mon, Thunderbolt."

Freckles: "C’mon, Thunderbolt."

(Dawson keeps firing at Thunderbolt, who is catching up closer to him.)

Penny: "Go get him, Thunder."

(Rolly barks to root for Thunderbolt.)

Freckles: "After him, boy."

Patch: "He’ll get that dirty ol’ horse thief. Old Thunderbolt’s the greatest dog in the whole world. He’s even better than Dad."

Penny: "No dog’s better than Dad."

Freckles: "What’s he going to do, Dad?"

Pongo: "Shh, shh. Let’s just wait and see."

(Thunderbolt climbs on a rock outcrop to look out for Dirty Dawson, to which the puppies look over the couch arm likewise. They then see Dawson slink past some rocks and behind a cliff wall.)

Penny: "Look at him run, the old coward."

Patch: "That old dirty Dawson! The yellow-livered old skunk!" (Dawson raises his pistol behind the wall on the TV screen, as Patch gnaws on the carpet.) "I’d like to tear his gizzard out."

Perdita: (offended) "Why, Patch, where did you ever hear such talk? Certainly not from your mother." (She scowls at Pongo, who smirks back at her.)

Penny: "Watch out, Thunder."

Patch: "Don’t worry, Penny. He’ll get that yellow-livered… Well, he’ll get him, all right."

Penny: "Lucky, get down. We can’t see."

Freckles: "Mother, make him get down."

Perdita: "C’mon, Lucky. Down, dear."

(Dawson shoots at Thunder, but he shoots a rock instead as Thunder bounces past the bullet.)

Penny: "Missed him! Missed him by a mile!"

Rolly: "I’m hungry, mother. I’m hungry."

Perdita: "Rolly, you’ve just had your dinner."

Rolly: "But I am, just the same. I’m so hungry I could eat… a whole elephant."

All: (to Rolly) "Shh!"

(Dawson then appears from behind a rock.)

Lucky: "There he is, behind that rock."

(The puppies watch with curiosity as Dawson pulls the trigger and blasts Thunderbolt off screen, causing the puppies to hide from the brutality.)

Penny: "Oh, dear. He shot poor Thunder."

Patch: "He missed him. Ol’ Thunder’s pretending… I think." (Thunderbolt opens his eye to look out for Dirty Dawson while playing dead.) "See? What did I tell you? That’s one of his tricks." (Lucky gets up close to the TV set.) "Lucky, get down."

(Dirty Dawson appears on the screen, scaring Lucky.)

Dirty Dawson: (wickedly) "Ha-ha-ha!"

(Lucky bolts away from the TV set and barks at Dawson. Just as he continues laughing, Thunderbolt wakes up and fiercely tackles him. The two enemies fight at one another as they fall off a cliff and into a river below. All the puppies bark to cheer their TV hero on.)

Rolly: "I’m hungry, Mother. I really am."

(Before Thunderbolt and Dawson go over a waterfall, the announcer interrupts their program.)

TV Annonucer: "Don’t miss next week’s episode. Who will triumph?"

Patch: "Ol’ Thunder always wins!"

(A bust of Thunderbolt barks and appears on a dog biscuit box being held by the TV announcer.)

TV Annonucer: "And speaking of champions, friends, Kanine Krunchies is the champion of all dog biscuits."

Kanine Krunchies Chorus: ♪ Kanine Krunchies can’t be beat, ♪

♪ They make each meal a special treat, ♪

♪ Happy dogs are those who eat nutritious Kanine Krunchies! ♪

Pongo: "Perdy, we better get these little nippers off to bed if we’re going for a w-a-l-k."

Penny: "We want to go too, Mother."

Freckles: "Can we, Mother?"

Penny: "We never get to go."

Perdita: "Come along, children. Bedtime." (She leads her puppies to the kitchen for bed.)

Patch: "But we’re not a bit..." (yawns) "Sleepy. We want to go for a walk in the park."

Freckles: "Dad, can we?"

Pongo: "Better do as your mother says." (As the puppies lead their mother to bed, Pongo counts the puppies to keep track.) "One, two, three, four… five, six… seven… eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen…"

Rolly: "I’m not sleepy. I’m hungry."

Pongo: "Fourteen... Hmm?" (He sees Lucky sitting back at the TV set.)

TV Annonucer: "Remember, friends. Just send five…" (The announcer becomes shocked as Pongo turns off the TV and carries Lucky off to bed.)

Pongo: "Lucky, you little rascal, let’s go."

(Soon, the camera fades to the streets of London, where Roger, Anita, Pongo, and Perdita are out for their evening stroll to Regent’s Park. Their human owners look refined in their raincoats and trilby hats, as both couples pass by a truck. However, the truck belongs to two shady crooks, Horace and Jasper Badun, who lower their newspapers and watch them pass by.)

Jasper: "There they go, Horace, me lad: Out for their evening constitutional." (He peers into the rear view mirror and sees them turn the corner.) "Ah, a lovely pair of turtledoves. Around the Johnny 'Orner and off to the park."

Horace: (cynical) "Yeah, I don’t like it, Jasper. One more pinch, and they’ll throw the keys away."

Jasper: "Oh, come off it, Horace. We’re getting plenty of boodle."

Horace: "Yes, but… I’ve been thinkin’..."

Jasper: "You’ve been thinkin’?!" (aggressively grabs Horace) "Now, look here, Horace: I warned you about thinkin’. I’ve got the knob for this job, so let’s get on with it."

(He starts up their truck and drives it up to the doorsteps of Roger and Anita’s flat. The truck makes sputtering noises along the way and stops with a squeak. Jasper and Horace emerge from the truck and walk up the doorsteps, as Horace as a handbag in his hands.)

Jasper: "Ah, nobody home but the little ol’ cook. Now, you just leave her to ol’ Jasper. He can handle her real diplomatic-like."

Horace: (nervously) "Yeah, but I still don’t like it."

(Inside the kitchen, Nanny is tucking the puppies in for bed.)

Nanny: "Here, here. Patch, you settle down. Oh, dear. Go to sleep now. Close your little eyes. That’s a good little one." (Nanny shuts the blinds closed, as the doorbell rings. She goes to the front door to answer it.) "Now, who do you suppose?"

(She then opens the door and sees Horace and Jasper tipping their hats as they act as electric repairmen.)

Jasper: (respectfully) "Ah, good evening, ma’am. We’re here to inspect the wiring and the switches."

Horace: "We’re from the gas company."

Jasper: (prods him) "Electric, electric."

Horace: (pointing his finger to the bag) "Electric company."

Nanny: "Oh, but we didn’t call for any inspection."

Jasper: (rambling on the conversation) "Oh, yes, I know. You see, there’s a new act's just been passed in Parliament; comes under the heading of "Defence of the Realm Act". It's under 104: Section 29; very important. It's the law, and it’s for your own safety, ma’am."

Nanny: (firmly) "Well, I don’t care what Parliament Realm or whatever it is says. You’re not coming in here. Not with the Mister and Missus gone."

(Jasper sulks at this and grabs the door handle.)

Jasper: (aggressively) "Now, now. Come off it, Ducky. We got no time to palaver. We've got a job to do. EXCUSE ME!"

(He barges into the house, followed by Horace. Nanny is disturbed and angered at this.)

Nanny: "What’s the matter with you two? You got cloth ears? I said you’re not coming in here!" (She grabs the end of their trench coats, but she fails and lands on her bottom.)

Jasper: (laughing) "She’s a regular little tartar, ain’t she, Horace?" (He yanks on her cap and heads upstairs to the attic.)

Nanny: "Don’t you dare go up there, you big, long-legged lummox! Now, I mean it! If you don’t get out of this house… I’ll call the police, I will!" (Nanny runs to the attic to look for Jasper, but he moves behind the door afterwards.) "Now, be off with you, you big weasel!"

Jasper: (pretending to be offended) "Now, you’ve been gone and done it. You’ve cut me to the quick, lady. Why, I wouldn‘t stay here if you asked me to." (Nanny throws a tea pot at Jasper, but she misses as he uses the door as a shield and the pot shatters into pieces.) "Not even for a cup of tea." (He traps Nanny inside the attic and calls out to Horace.) "Oi, Horace, me lad, I’ve got a sneaky suspicion we’re not welcome here!" (Horace rushes out from the kitchen with the bag.) "Pack up. We’re leaving. Sharp’s the word and quick’s the action."

(Jasper keeps toying with Nanny, who struggles onto the door handle.)

Nanny: "Let me out! Help! I’ll call the police. Help!" (Jasper lets go of the door, causing Nanny to fly into a bunch of household objects and Roger's cello with a crash.)

Jasper: (laughing) "Goodnight, Ducky! Ta-ta!"

Nanny: (fuming) "Why, those good-for-nothing hoodlums! Electric company. Hmph! They’re nothing but common sneak thieves!" (She sees their truck turn away and drive up the street. She then runs downstairs and back into the kitchen.) "I’ll bet they made off with the good silver. Why, I bet they took every last… (Gasps. As she takes the blanket off the basket, she sees the puppies have been stolen!) "The puppies! They’re gone! Patch? Lucky? Rolly? They took the puppies! Oh… Whatever will I do? Those scoundrels! They stole the puppies!" (She runs outside and starts shouting for help.) "Police? Help! The puppies! Police! Somebody, help me! Help! Help! Help!" (sobbing)

(The camera then opens on a newspaper about the dognapping as Cruella's voice is heard reading each paper. Cruella's the mastermind behind all this.)

Cruella de Vil: "Dognapping!" Can you imagine such a thing? "15 Puppies Stolen". They are darling little things. Anita and her bashful Beethoven! Pipe and all!" (laughs) "Oh, Roger, you are a fool!" (The telephone rings.) "Hello?" (becomes angry) "Jasper! Jasper, you idiot! How dare you call here!"

(Jasper and Horace are back at their apartment, as they are aware of the newspaper headlines, too.)

Jasper: (protesting) "But, we don’t want no more of this here! We want our boodle!"

Horace: "We'll, uh, uh..."

Jasper: (in Horace's voice) " We’ll settle for half!"

Cruella de Vil: "Not one schilling ‘til the job’s done! Do you understand?"

Horace: "Jasper! Jasper!" (He rudely interrupts and holds up a newspaper for Jasper to see.)

Jasper: "But, it’s here in the blinkin’ papers, pictures and all!"

Cruella de Vil: "Hang the papers! It’ll be forgotten tomorrow."

Horace: (grousing) "I don’t like it, Jasper! I-"

Jasper: (being ugly to Horace) "Ah, shut up, you idiot!"

Cruella de Vil: "WHAT?!"

Jasper: "Oh! Oh, no! Not you, miss! I mean Horace here!"

Cruella de Vil: "Why, you imbecile!"

(Cruella slams the phone down. Her scowl is suddenly replaced with a grin. She dials Anita and Roger's phone number.)

(The dognapping has affected the Radcliffe's, Nanny, Pongo, and Perdita terribly to the fullest. Pongo hears the phone ring and becomes hopeful about the news, just as Roger answers the phone.)

Roger: "Maybe it’s Scotland Yard. Maybe they found something. Hello, Inspector?"

Cruella de Vil: "Is Anita there?"

Roger: "Who?"

Cruella de Vil: "Anita!"

Roger: "Uh… it’s for you."

Anita: "Hello?"

Cruella de Vil: (lying) "Anita, darling.

Anita: (unexpectedly) "Oh Cruella".

Cruella de Vil: (lying) "What a dreadful thing. I just saw the papers. I couldn’t believe it."

(An angry Pongo and Roger listen in on the conversation between Anita and Cruella.)

Anita: "Yes, Cruella. It was quite a shock."

Roger: "What does she want? Is she calling to confess?"

Anita: "Roger, please!"

Roger: "Oh, She’s a sly one She is."

Anita: "Yes, We’re doing everything possible."

Cruella de Vil: "Have you called the police?"

Anita: "Yes, Scotland Yard. But I’m afraid…"

Roger: (rudely interrupting Anita) "Where are they?"

Anita: (disappointed) "You idiot!"

Cruella de Vil: "Anita!"

Anita: "Sorry, Cruella. If there’s any news, we’ll let you know. Thank you, Cruella."

(Roger broods as he smokes on his pipe.)

Anita: "Roger, I admit she’s eccentric, but she’s not a thief."

Roger: "Well, she’s still number one suspect in my book!"

Anita: "Well she’s been investigated by Scotland Yard. What more do you want?"

(Pongo becomes uncomfortable during their arguing.)

Roger: "I don’t know, darling. I don’t know."

Anita: "Oh, Roger. What’ll we do? What’ll we do?"

(Pongo goes over to Perdita resting near the basket in the kitchen and explains his game plan to her.)

Pongo: "Perdy, I’m afraid it’s all up to us."

Perdita: "Oh, Pongo. Isn’t there any hope?"

Pongo: "Well, yes. There’s the Twilight Bark."

Perdita: "The Twilight Bark? That’s only a gossip chain."

Pongo: "Darling, it’s the very fastest way to send news. If our puppies are anywhere in the city, the London dogs will know. We’ll send the word tonight when our pets take us for a walk in the park."

(The camera fades out on them and jump cuts to Regent's Park at night. The two couples are standing on a hill overlooking the city. Pongo is barking loudly to get another dog's attention.)

Perdita: (concerned) "There’s no one out tonight. I’m afraid it’s too cold."

Pongo: (confident) "We’ve got to keep trying, Perdy." (He hears barking nearby.) "Perdy, we’re in luck! It’s the Great Dane at Hampstead." (He barks in response, which annoys Roger and Anita.)

Roger: "Pongo, quiet, boy! Do you want to stir up the whole neighborhood?"

Anita: "Perdy, come on!"

Roger: "Let’s go. Pongo, you old idiot!" (Pongo yanks on his master's leash and barks and howls in response to the Great Dane.) "Come on, now. We’re going home!" (He drags Pongo to bring him home.)

(Fortunately, Pongo's idea to use the Twilight Bark works; Danny, a Great Dane, is barking a last minute response to Pongo, who barks back to him in reply. His friend, Scotty, a small Yorkshire Terrier, catches up with him.)

Scotty: "What is it, Danny? Who’s on the telegraph?"

Danny: "It’s Pongo, Regents Park! It’s an all-dog alert."

Scotty: "What’s it all about? What's the word? Tell me, Danny! Tell me, tell me! Tell me!"

Danny: "Wait a minute, wait a minute." (He raises his ear for a howl from Pongo, as Scotty runs up to the fence and perks up his ear, too.) "Well, now… Hmm, that is something." (He walks to another part of the fence, as Scotty catches up to him.)

Scotty: "What, Danny? What’s something?"

Danny: "15 Dalmatian puppies, stolen!"

(Scotty is shocked to hear about this and catches up with his large friend.)

Scotty: "Have they called the police? Scotland Yard?"

Danny: "The humans have tried everything. Now, it’s up to us dogs and the Twilight Bark!"

Scotty: "I’ll sound the alert!" (He barks so loudly and rapidly that he bounces like a jackhammer and grips on the column to prevent himself from falling off.)

Danny: "Woof! Woof!"

(Danny and Scotty bark long and loud, echoing throughout the neighborhood, where the message reaches Jock from Lady and the Tramp coming out of his doghouse.)

Jock: "Ahh!"

(Jock goes to a drainpipe and barks the message up through the drainpipe, where it reaches Prissy's apartment. As Prissy's owner uses her as a model for her new art project, Prissy runs to the window and barks in reply, until her owner yanks her back inside.)

Prissy's Owner: "Prissy, come in here!"

(Prissy ignores her master and runs to another window, where she relays the message across town. Peg, the Bulldog (both from Lady and the Tramp), and other puppies bark in reply inside a pet shop window. Even Coco, the poodle from recently, participates in the Twilight Bark while she rides on top of her owner's limousine.)

Coco's Owner: "Coco! Be quiet now!"

(All the dogs in London bark, woof, and howl as they relay the message about Pongo and Perdy's fifteen stolen Dalmatian puppies being stolen, even they annoy the humans loudly.)

Man: "Aw, shut up! Quiet!" (More howling and car horns ensue.) (shouting) "WILL YOU BE QUIET?!"

(By now, the Twilight Bark reaches the countryside, as each farm dog passes it onto the next dog traveling on a canal barge. On a hill, Towser, an old bloodhound, receives the message, just as his friend, Lucy, a goose, waddles up to him.)

Towser’s message to the ColonelLucy: "Towser, what’s going on? What is it? What’s all the gossip?"

Towser: "‘Taint no gossip, Lucy. It be all the way from London."

Lucy: "You don’t say!"

Towser: "15 puppies stolen."

Lucy: "But there's no puppies around here. Not since Nellie’s last litter. And they're all grown up."

Towser: "Well, then, we’d best send the word along. It be up to me to reach the Colonel! He be the only one in barking range."

Lucy: "You’ll never reach him at this hour!"

Towser: "Well, I can try! I’ll bark all night if I have to. Ahem!"

(Towser barks loudly, reaching an old farm establishment, where a gate with a sign above reads "Lancers: H.M. Forces Ret.: Maj. General S.F. Smedley: The 9th Queen's Royal Lancers". A grey farm horse named Captain opens the stall door.)

Captain: (neighing lowly) "Hmm-hmm-hmm. Hmm… sounds like old Towser. It’s an alert. Sergeant!" (He speaks louder to wake up Sergeant Tibbs, a tabby cat sleeping on his back.) "Sergeant Tibbs! I SAY, SERGEANT! (He neighs loudly to wake up Tibbs.)

Sergeant Tibbs: (screeches, then promptly salutes) "Who? What? Oh, yes, Captain!"

Captain: "Barking signal. It’s an alert. Report to the Colonel at once."

Sergeant Tibbs: (respectfully) "Yes, sir. Righto, sir. Right away, sir!" (Tibbs hops off Captain's back and scurries along the barn rafters to find Colonel. He reaches an empty barn stall with plenty of hay scattered on the floor and looks for Colonel.) "Colonel? I say, Colonel! Colonel, sir? Colonel?" (Tibbs yelps as he is lifted on his superior's head buried inside the hay.) "Colonel?!"

Colonel: (waking up) "What? What? Who goes there?"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Sergeant Tibbs reporting, sir."

Colonel: "Tibbs? Tibbs? Oh, yes, Sergeant Tibbs!"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Colonel, sir-"

Colonel: "Now, look here, Tibbs. What’s the idea of barging in at this hour of the night?"

Sergeant Tibbs: "But, Colonel…"

Colonel: "Hold on, Sergeant. You hear that? Sounds like an alert."

Sergeant Tibbs: (sighs) "Yes, Colonel."

Colonel: "Well, we’d better look into it. Come along, on the double!"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Yes, sir. Righto, sir."

(Tibbs follows Colonel to the stall next to Captain's stall, just as Captain himself hears the last of the message.)

Captain: "It’s old Towser down at Withermarsh, sir."

Colonel: "By Jove, yes! So it is. Well, I’ll see what he wants. Ahem!" (barking) "Woof, woof, woof! Woof, woof, woof!"

(Back on the hill a good distance away from the farm, Towser receives the response from Colonel with Lucy holding up his left ear.)

Towser: "It‘d be the Colonel. The old boy himself!" (chuckles) "He wants the message."

Lucy: "You’d better make it loud and clear or he’ll never get it."

(Towser then barks the message about the fifteen stolen puppies.)

Colonel: "One long howl, two short. One yip and a woof."

Sergeant Tibbs: "Two yips, sir."

Captain: "What’s the word, Colonel?"

Colonel: "It’s from London."

Sergeant Tibbs: "It must be important."

Colonel: "Yes, I’ll get the rest of it. Ahem! (barks some more) "Woof, woof, woof!" [Distant Barking] "Sounds like a number. Three fives is 13."

Sergeant Tibbs: "That’s 15, sir."

Colonel: "Of course." [Barking] "Yes… Dot, Spot… Spotted puddings. Poodles. No, puddles!"

Captain: "Puddles, sir?"

Colonel: (misinterpreting the message) "15 spotted puddles stolen? Oh, balderdash!"

(Colonel dips down from the stall door, as Captain and Tibbs look at each other in disbelief.)

Sergeant Tibbs: (correcting Colonel) "Better double-check it, Colonel."

Colonel: (grumbling) "Oh, yes, I suppose I’d better." (barks again) "Woof, woof, woof! Two woofs, one yip and a woof."

Sergeant Tibbs: "It sounds like "puppies"!"

Colonel: "Of course, puppies!"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Colonel, Colonel, sir, I just remembered. Two nights past, I heard puppy barking at Hell Hall."

Colonel: "You mean the old de Vil place? Nonsense, Tibbs! No one’s lived there for years."

Captain: (alert) "Hold on! There’s smoke coming from the chimney!"

(The three animals see a plume of smoke rising from de Vil manor.)

Colonel: "By Jove, that’s strange… strange indeed. I suppose we’d better investigate. I’ll send word for ol’ Towser to stand by. Roof! Roo-roo-roof!"

(Towser receives the last message from Colonel.)

Towser: "Please… stand… by."

Lucy: "What’s he mean by that?"

Towser: "I don’t know. Oh… maybe the ol’ boy’s found something!"

Lucy: (excitedly) "Oh, I do hope so!"

Towser’s message to the Colonel[]

Lucy: "Towser, what’s going on? What is it? What’s all the gossip?"

Towser: "‘Taint no gossip, Lucy. It be all the way from London."

Lucy: "You don’t say!"

Towser: "15 puppies stolen."

Lucy: "But there's no puppies around here. Not since Nellie’s last litter. And they're all grown up."

Towser: "Well, then, we’d best send the word along. It be up to me to reach the Colonel! He be the only one in barking range."

Lucy: "You’ll never reach him at this hour!"

Towser: "Well, I can try! I’ll bark all night if I have to. Ahem!"

(Towser barks loudly, reaching an old farm establishment, where a gate with a sign above reads "Lancers: H.M. Forces Ret.: Maj. General S.F. Smedley: The 9th Queen's Royal Lancers". A grey farm horse named Captain opens the stall door.)

Captain: (neighing lowly) "Hmm-hmm-hmm. Hmm… sounds like old Towser. It’s an alert. Sergeant!" (He speaks louder to wake up Sergeant Tibbs, a tabby cat sleeping on his back.) "Sergeant Tibbs! I SAY, SERGEANT! (He neighs loudly to wake up Tibbs.)

Sergeant Tibbs: (screeches, then promptly salutes) "Who? What? Oh, yes, Captain!"

Captain: "Barking signal. It’s an alert. Report to the Colonel at once."

Sergeant Tibbs: (respectfully) "Yes, sir. Righto, sir. Right away, sir!" (Tibbs hops off Captain's back and scurries along the barn rafters to find Colonel. He reaches an empty barn stall with plenty of hay scattered on the floor and looks for Colonel.) "Colonel? I say, Colonel! Colonel, sir? Colonel?" (Tibbs yelps as he is lifted on his superior's head buried inside the hay.) "Colonel?!"

Colonel: (waking up) "What? What? Who goes there?"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Sergeant Tibbs reporting, sir."

Colonel: "Tibbs? Tibbs? Oh, yes, Sergeant Tibbs!"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Colonel, sir-"

Colonel: "Now, look here, Tibbs. What’s the idea of barging in at this hour of the night?"

Sergeant Tibbs: "But, Colonel…"

Colonel: "Hold on, Sergeant. You hear that? Sounds like an alert."

Sergeant Tibbs: (sighs) "Yes, Colonel."

Colonel: "Well, we’d better look into it. Come along, on the double!"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Yes, sir. Righto, sir."

(Tibbs follows Colonel to the stall next to Captain's stall, just as Captain himself hears the last of the message.)

Captain: "It’s old Towser down at Withermarsh, sir."

Colonel: "By Jove, yes! So it is. Well, I’ll see what he wants. Ahem!" (barking) "Woof, woof, woof! Woof, woof, woof!"

(Back on the hill a good distance away from the farm, Towser receives the response from Colonel with Lucy holding up his left ear.)

Towser: "It‘d be the Colonel. The old boy himself!" (chuckles) "He wants the message."

Lucy: "You’d better make it loud and clear or he’ll never get it."

(Towser then barks the message about the fifteen stolen puppies.)

Colonel: "One long howl, two short. One yip and a woof."

Sergeant Tibbs: "Two yips, sir."

Captain: "What’s the word, Colonel?"

Colonel: "It’s from London."

Sergeant Tibbs: "It must be important."

Colonel: "Yes, I’ll get the rest of it. Ahem! (barks some more) "Woof, woof, woof!" [Distant Barking] "Sounds like a number. Three fives is 13."

Sergeant Tibbs: "That’s 15, sir."

Colonel: "Of course." [Barking] "Yes… Dot, Spot… Spotted puddings. Poodles. No, puddles!"

Captain: "Puddles, sir?"

Colonel: (misinterpreting the message) "15 spotted puddles stolen? Oh, balderdash!"

(Colonel dips down from the stall door, as Captain and Tibbs look at each other in disbelief.)

Sergeant Tibbs: (correcting Colonel) "Better double-check it, Colonel."

Colonel: (grumbling) "Oh, yes, I suppose I’d better." (barks again) "Woof, woof, woof! Two woofs, one yip and a woof."

Sergeant Tibbs: "It sounds like "puppies"!"

Colonel: "Of course, puppies!"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Colonel, Colonel, sir, I just remembered. Two nights past, I heard puppy barking at Hell Hall."

Colonel: "You mean the old de Vil place? Nonsense, Tibbs! No one’s lived there for years."

Captain: (alert) "Hold on! There’s smoke coming from the chimney!"

(The three animals see a plume of smoke rising from de Vil manor.)

Colonel: "By Jove, that’s strange… strange indeed. I suppose we’d better investigate. I’ll send word for ol’ Towser to stand by. Roof! Roo-roo-roof!"

(Towser receives the last message from Colonel.)

Towser: "Please… stand… by."

Lucy: "What’s he mean by that?"

Towser: "I don’t know. Oh… maybe the ol’ boy’s found something!"

Lucy: (excitedly) "Oh, I do hope so!"

(By now, Colonel and Sergeant Tibbs arrive at the gates to Hell Hall. Colonel peers through the iron bars of the gates.)

Colonel: "They say the ol’ place is haunted, or bewitched, or some such fiddle-faddle."

Sergeant Tibbs: (chuckling) "Fiddle-faddle and rot, sir." (Tibbs’ expression changes to a serious one as he looks at the exterior of Hell Hall.)

Colonel: "Just the same, Sergeant, use extreme caution. No telling what sort of hocus pocus you might run in to." (A passing cloud shrouds the mansion and terrace in darkness. Tibbs gulps nervously.) Well, blast it all, Tibbs! On the double, man! On the double!"

Sergeant Tibbs: (salutes Colonel) "Yes, sir. Righto, sir. Right away, sir."

(Tibbs leaps off Colonel’s back and scampers up a tree branch. He hops from the branch and travels along another branch across the lawn. TIbbs finally reaches the windowsill, which crumbles in some parts. Tibbs wipes his paw on the glass to get a good visual of the hall. He sees a large, dark, gloomy foyer, complete with a tall, winding staircase, a plated armor statue with an axe in its hand, and a glowing crack through the wall. Tibbs opens the window, giving off a creaking sound. He then lands on the floor and makes it to the crack. Tibbs checks if the coast is clear and squeezes himself inside the living room, where he comes upon a yawning dalmatian puppy without a collar.)

Sergeant Tibbs: "Psst! Rover! Spotty!"

Rover: (confused) "Hmm, what?"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Are you one of the 15 stolen puppies?"

Rover: "We’re not stolen. We’re bought and paid for. There’s 99 of us all together."

(Tibbs rubs his eyes in surprise.)

Sergeant Tibbs: (surprised) "99?!" (He sees a vast sea of dalmatian puppies sleeping across the living room floor.)

Spotty: "How ‘bout that bunch of little ones? They have names and colors. They’re not from the pet shops."

Sergeant Tibbs: "15 of them?"

Rover: "We never counted them. They‘re over there by the TV. "

(And true to his word, the 15 dalmatian puppies that were stolen are watching the Silly Symphony short, "Springtime", on TV. Sgt. Tibbs creeps over to the couch to count the puppies.)

Sergeant Tibbs: "Then, I’d better count ‘em."

Spotty: "Watch out for the Baduns."

Sergeant Tibbs: "Baduns?"

Rover: "Those two blokes, Horace and Jasper. They‘re mean ones, they are."

(Horace helps himself to a pair of sandwiches, and Jasper guzzles down on some wine. As Tibbs climbs on a box behind the couch to count the fifteen puppies, Lucky ducks his head down as the center flower dances up close to the screen.)

Jasper: "’Ey, look, Horace! Watch me pot ‘Is Lordship smack on the conk!" (He throws a dart that lands on a portrait painting of Lord de Vil.) "Ha-ha-ha-ha! How’s that for callin’ ‘em, eh? Ha-ha-ha-ha!" (As Horace sits on the floor to eat his sandwiches, Jasper swats him in the belly, and Horace irritatedly looks at him.)

Sergeant Tibbs: (counting) "1… 2… 3, 4, 5, 6…"

Horace: "Hey, Jasper!" (Tibbs ducks down, while Horace impolitely eats with his mouth full of food.) "Come on now. Give us a swig, just a short one."

Jasper: "Now, Horace, this here hogwash ain’t fit for a fancy bloke like yourself. Besides, you’d get crumbs in it, you cabbage head!" (He sets the wine bottle down next to Tibbs.)

Horace: "All right. Guzzle the whole works, and I hope it gives you collywobbles, that’s what." (Rolly steals a slice of Horace’s ham from the sandwich for himself and squeezes under the couch. Horace take his first bite and notices his toppings are gone!) "Hey, Jasper, did you…"

(Jasper rudely ignores his brother and dumps a bunch of cigar ashes on the bread slices.)

Sergeant Tibbs: (counting) "Let me see… 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11…"

Horace: "Hey! Get down, you little runt, and stay down!" (He pushes Lucky down from the TV set, as Patch barks at Horace for messing with his brother.) "Go on! Get out of here, or I’ll… I’ll black your other peeper."

Sergeant Tibbs: "Where was I? 9… 9… three more. 12 and… 1, 2, 3. That’s 15! They’re the ones!"

(However, he gets nervous when Jasper grabs his neck, mistaking him for a wine bottle, and when Tibbs nears Jasper’s mouth, he screeches in alarm and runs off with fright.)

Jasper: (sputtering) "Blimey!" (sputters some more) "What the…" (He notices Tibbs bounding away as the puppies bark in surprise.) "Hey, Horace, look what we got! A tabby cat!"

(Horace is getting another sandwich, as Tibbs bounds across a grand piano, knocking down the support arm for the cover, which squashes Horace inside the piano and smashing his face in a cake, as the puppies continue barking. Lucky ignores them and goes back to watching TV. Jasper is now armed with a bunch of darts in his hands.)

Jasper: (cont.) "Ha-ha-ha! Ho-ho-ho! How’d you like a tabby cat stew?" (He throws the darts to kill Tibbs squirming against the wall. Jasper raises an empty wine bottle to aim at Tibbs running away from the living room.) "Or a cat casserole? A la mode!"

(Jasper throws the wine bottle at Tibbs but misses him as Tibbs squeezes back through the crack The wine bottle shatters in pieces.)

(Meanwhile, back in London, as Big Ben chimes in the evening hour, Pongo and Perdita are upstairs in Roger's attic as Pongo listens to the Great Dane bark the message back to him.)

Perdita: "What is it, Pongo? What is it?"

Pongo: "It’s the Great Dane. He has news for us. He’ll meet us at Primrose Hill."

Perdita: "How’ll we get out?"

Pongo: "The back bedroom window. It’s always open a wee bit. C’mon."

(Pongo and Perdita sneak out of the flat and run along to Primrose Hill, where they meet up with Danny.)

Danny: "Woof! Woof! Pongos, you’ve made it. Good."

Pongo: "What’s the word? What’s the news?"

Perdita: "Have they found our puppies?"

Danny: "They’ve been located somewhere north of here in Suffolk."

Perdita: "Oh, thank heavens."

Danny: "Can you leave tonight?"

Pongo: "Yes, yes, of course."

Perdita: "We can leave right away."

Danny: "Good! I’ll go along as far as Camden Road and give you instructions."

(The three dogs run quickly out of Primrose Hill and make it to the Camden Road bridge in another part of town. A foghorn sounds off twice in the background.)

Danny: (cont.) "And when you reach Withermarsh, contact old Towser. He’ll direct you to the Colonel, and the Colonel will take you to your puppies at the de Vil place."

Perdita: (shocked) "De Vil?!"

Pongo: (shocked) "The de Vil place?!"

Perdita: (realized) "Oh, Pongo, it was her!"

Danny: "Oh, someone you know?"

Pongo: (respectfully) "Sorry, sir. There’s no time to explain."

(The two Dalmatian parents start their journey as they run through a tunnel.)

Perdita: "I hope we’re not too late."

Danny: (echoing) "Good luck, Pongos! If you lose your way, contact the barking chain! They’ll be standing by!"

(The next morning, Pongo and Perdita run along through the English countryside. Pongo stops to let Perdita catch up with him, and both parents continue their journey. Soon, it starts to snow, as the two jump over a fence and dodge an incoming moving van that honks at them. Pongo and Perdita tread through a creek and reach dry land. Later, a snowstorm hits, almost making the journey hard for them as they plow through the snowdrifts. Soon, they come across a river, where packs of snow flow quickly through it. Pongo is the first to tread through the water. The river's current and the snow push him back, as Pongo searches for another way to swim through. Perdita jumps in the river and swims quickly to catch up with him.)

(Meanwhile, back at Smedley Farm, Sgt. Tibbs, and Colonel sit outside on a horse-drawn wagon as theywait patiently and perk up their ears for the barking chain. Colonel sticks his head out to ask his superior a question.)

Captain: "Any news, Colonel?"

Colonel: "Not a blasted thing. They’re lost or captured, or something, or other. Who knows what."

(Sgt. Tibbs sees Cruella's car driving down the road.)

Sergeant Tibbs: "Colonel, sir, Colonel! Here comes a car."

Colonel: "Oh, come now, Tibs. Don’t be ridiculous. They wouldn’t be driving."

Sergeant Tibbs: "Yes, I know, sir. But it’s heading for Hell Hall." (Cruella's car stops at the front gate.) "It… It’s stopping at the gate!"

Colonel: "It is? Blast it all, Tibbs! Better see what’s up. On the double, man. On the double!"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Yes, sir."

(Sgt. Tibbs jumps on Colonel's back as they head for the de Vil mansion.)

Colonel: "Take over, Captain!"

Captain: (respectfully) "Righto, sir."

(As the two friends go to Hell Hall, Cruella angrily paces in the living room, while Horace and Jasper watch their favorite game show on TV.)

Quizmaster: "I’m sorry, Mr. Simpkins. The answer is no. No, no, no, no. Six down, four to go."

Cruella de Vil: "I’ve got no time to argue! I tell you, It’s got to be done tonight!"

Inspector Graves: "Ah, was this a single item or a number of things?"

(Horace plugs his ears, and Jasper raises the volume on the TV set.)

Quizmaster: "It must be a yes or no question, Inspector."

(Cruella turns off the TV and turns to face her goons.)

Cruella de Vil: "Do you understand? Tonight!"

(Tibbs sticks his head out of the hole to eavesdrop on their conversation.)

Horace: "But, they ain’t big enough."

Jasper: "You couldn’t get half a dozen coats out of the whole caboodle."

Sergeant Tibbs: (shocked whispering) "Coats! Dog-skin coats?"

Cruella de Vil: (breathing cigarette smoke in Jasper's face) "Then, we’ll settle for half a dozen! We can’t wait!" (Jasper wheezes from his boss' cigarette smoke.) "The police are everywhere. I want the job done tonight!"

Horace: (opening a marmalade jar) "How’re we gonna do it?"

Cruella de Vil: "Any way you like: Poison them, drown them! Bash them in the head!" (Tibbs blinks in shock.) "You got any chloroform?"

Jasper: "Not a drop."

Horace: "And no ether, "ee-ther"."

Jasper: ""Eye-ther"!" (He bonks his brother into his marmalade jar.)

Cruella de Vil: "I don’t care how you kill the little beasts, but DO IT, AND DO IT NOW!"

(The puppies cower.)

Jasper: "Aw, please, miss. Now, have pity, will ya? Can’t we see the rest of the show first?"

Horace: "We want to see ''What’s My Crime?''"

(An angry Cruella rudely snatches Jasper's wine bottle and throws it in the fireplace where it explodes. Horace leaps into his brother's arms, and the puppies take cover. Cruella violently slaps her two henchmen in their faces.)

Cruella de Vil: (furiously) "Now, listen, you idiots! I’ll be back first thing in the morning, and the job better be done or I’ll… I’ll, I'll call the police!" (Horace and Jasper stare at her with fear, as she screams at them.) "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

(She angrily slams the door, causing a crack to appear that travels from up the wall to the ceiling, where a chunk of plaster lands on Horace's head. He's unharmed from this, though.)

Horace: (removing the chunk of plaster from his head) "I think she means it, Jasper."

Jasper: "Ah, we’ll get on with it as soon as the show’s over."

(Jasper turns the TV back on and leans back to enjoy the show with Horace. The screen fizzles to see the quizmaster at his desk.)

Quizmaster: (professionally) "Will you please sign in, sir?"

(A contestant signs his name on a chalkboard on the screen, just as Sgt. Tibbs meets up with the puppies.)

Sergeant Tibbs: "Hey, kids. You’d better get out of here if you want to save your skins."

Dalmatian Puppy 1: "But, how?"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Shh. There’s a hole in the wall there by the door." (He points to the hole in the wall right by the door.) "C’mon, shake a leg. Psst. Kids, follow me."

(Before they leave, they're caught off guard by the sound of Horace laughing. Tibbs jumps on an armchair for cover)

Horace: (laughing) "Hey, Jasper, look! Ha-ha-ha-ha. It’s old Meathead!"

Jasper: (laughing) "Yeah, what do you know: Old Meathead Fauncewater!"

Sergeant Tibbs: "C’mon, now. Don’t crowd." (Some of the puppies crowd through the hole anyway.) "One at a time! One at a time!"

Quizmaster: "Now, for our last contestant this evening, panel, meet Mr. Percival Fauncewater." (Mr. Fauncewater sits in his chair next to the Quizmaster.) "Now, Mr. Fauncewater, if the panel fails to guess your unusual crime in ten questions, you will receive two weeks vacation at a fashionable seaside resort, all expenses paid. That is, of course, after you’ve paid your debt to society." (Mr. Fauncewater's smile droops. He looks at his guard, who sternly shifts his eye at him.) "Now, um, who will take the first question? Inspector?"

Inspector Graves: "Ah, Mr. Fauncewater, could your crime be classified as larceny? A theft, you know? A burglary of some sort?"

(Tibbs orders the puppies to line up against the wall, as more puppies sneak past the Baduns and meet up with the others.)

Sergeant Tibbs: (whispering) "Straighten out! Form a queue along the wall. C'mon, snap it up. Faster!"

Quizmaster: "Mr. Fauncewater is a burglar by trade, but in this case, his crime was not burglary. I'm sorry: The answer is no." (Horace and Jasper laugh as the buzzer sounds off on the TV.) "One down, nine to go. Miss Birdwell?"

Miss Birdwell: "If your crime wasn’t robbery, wherein did you… Oh, dear, what I mean is… Do something of a violent nature, that it is…"

Quizmaster: (urgently) "Oh, come, come, come, Miss Birdwell, we’re running short of time." (The clock is ticking.)

Miss Birdwell: "Oh, yes, of course. So sorry. Did you do someone in?"

Sergeant Tibbs: "Oh, blimey!" (He sees Lucky watching the game show with interest.)

Quizmaster: "Oh, no, Miss Birdwell, I’m sorry. The answer is no." (Horace and Jasper continue laughing.) "Two down, eight to go. Mr. Simpkins?"

Mr. Simpkins: "Oh, yes. Your crime was not robbery and not homicide."

Sergeant Tibbs: "Psst. Hey, kid, let’s go." (Lucky stubbornly ignores him.)

Mr. Simpkins: (cont.) "Well then, could it be a violation of a city ordinance of some sort?"

(Tibbs tries grabbing Lucky's tail, but Lucky leans up to get a closer view of the screen, where Mr. Fauncewater whispers something into the Host's ear.)

Quizmaster: "I see. Uh, uh, no. The answer is no, no, no."

Horace: "Hey, get out of the way, you little runt!" (He roughly hands Lucky to Jasper who tosses him aside.)

Quizmaster: "Three down, seven to go. Inspector?"

(Sgt. Tibbs catches Lucky like a forward pass, until he steps on a series of wine bottles and soup cans, which they are forced to barrel roll on. Rolly sees them coming.)

Inspector Graves: "Oh, this is very confusing, I must say, strictly. Surely, this crime could…"

(Sgt. Tibbs trips, tossing Lucky into the air and through the hole. Sgt. Tibbs slides to a stop by Rolly, just as the timer buzzes off, ending the game show.)

Quizmaster: "I’m terribly sorry. I'm afraid we’ve run out of time."

Jasper: (griping) "Aw, now, ain’t that always the way!"

(Sgt. Tibbs grabs Rolly and tries shoving him through the hole, but his size isn't helping matters.)

Quizmaster: (professionally) "Would it be possible for Mr. Fauncewater to come back next week? Then, we could finish our little game." (The guard puts his hand on Mr. Fauncewater, preparing to bring him back to his cell.) "Goodnight, audience. See you next week at the same time on "What’s My Crime?""

(Sgt. Tibbs keeps struggling to push Rolly though, just as Horace and Jasper start their job.)

Jasper: (yawning) "Oh, well. C’mon, Horace. Let’s get on with it." (Sgt. Tibbs keeps struggling, while Jasper grabs a fire poker.) "I’ll pop ‘em on the head, you do the skinnin’."

Horace: "Oh, no, you don’t, Jasper!" (He pulls off a chair leg and uses it as a club.) "I’ll pop ‘em off and you do the skinnin’."

(Sgt. Tibbs squeezes Rolly through the hole, just as Jasper notices all the captured puppies are gone.)

Jasper: "Hey, Horace, look! They’re gone! They flew the coop, right out through this little hole." (He pulls out a flashlight.) "Here, grab a torch. We’ll run ‘em down before you can say "Bob’s your uncle"."

(They leave the living room and enter the foyer, searching the area with their flashlights. As the puppies run upstairs, Rolly trips on a step and sees the two goons.)

Jasper: "There they go, Horace, up the stairs." (He creepily calls for Rolly's attention.) "Here, puppies." (Rolly makes a break for it) "Here, puppies! C’mon. Now, don’t go hiding from your ol’ Uncle Jasper. Aw, I ain’t gonna hurt ya."

Horace: "But, I thought we was gonna pop ‘em off."

Jasper: "Shut up. Now, take a squint in there, and I’ll check these other two rooms." (Horace goes to explore one of the bedroom while Jasper enters another one and starts searching for them.) "Here, puppies. Puppies, come on out. Come out wherever you are." (He looks under the bed and is startled by Sgt. Tibbs.) "Horace!" (He gets plowed over by the puppies.) "Oh! It’s that mangy tabby cat! He’s the ringleader!" (Horace runs up to his brother to back him up.) "Head ‘em off, Horace! Head ‘em…" (Horace collides into Jasper, as they both go tumbling down the stairs.) "You bungling blockhead!"

(Sgt. Tibbs leads the puppies downstairs and right under the stairwell to hide from the crooks, who are catching right up with them.)

Sergeant Tibbs: "Back here! Back here! Shh. Here they come."

(Horace and Jasper come down the stairs.)

Jasper: (grousing) "Double-crossin‘ little twerps, pullin ‘a snitch on us, and after we took care of ‘em all this time. There’s gratitude for you."

(Rolly gallops down the stairs.)

Horace: "It ain’t fair, Jasper."

Jasper: "Naw." (Rolly takes one look at the goons, just as Sgt. Tibbs grabs Rolly by the tail, causing Rolly to yip.) "Hey, Horace, there they go!"

(Tibbs and the puppies are forced to make a break for it back the way they came, just as Colonel sees them running from the Baduns through a window.)

Colonel: "Sergeant? I say, Sergeant."

Sergeant Tibbs: (respectfully) "Sorry, sir. No time to explain. Busy, sir!"

(Colonel leaves the window and comes to another window to see the puppies and Tibbs run back to the living room, where Horace and Jasper trap them.)

Jasper: "Shut that door, Horace!" (Horace shuts the door, as the puppies hide, while Jasper closes another door.) "We’ll close in on ‘em. Enough of this "Ring Around the Rosy"."

(Meanwhile, Perdita and Pongo come to a pair of crossroads.)

Perdita: (concerned) "Oh, Pongo, Pongo, I’m afraid we’re lost."

Pongo: "It can’t be far." (He barks loudly to get the Colonel's attention. Colonel hears Pongo's barking in the distance.)

Colonel: "By Jove! It can’t be the Pongos." (He gallops and barks in response, until he slips on a frozen pond and into a snowbank, where he continues barking.)

Pongo: (listening to Colonel's barking) "It’s the Colonel. Come on, this way." (They hustle over to Hell Hall where Colonel is.) "Colonel? Are you the Colonel?"

Colonel: "Oh, Pingo! Uh… Uh… Pongo?"

Perdita: "Our puppies! Our puppies, are they all right?"

Colonel: "No time to explain. There’s trouble. A big hullabaloo. Come along!" (Pongo and Perdita rush to the rescue, as Colonel slips on the ice again) "Follow me!" (He struggles to keep up.)

(Tibbs and the puppies cower from the two men.)

Jasper: (cackling wickedly) "Ah, ha-ha-ha! Now, we’ve got ‘em, Horace. They‘ve run out of room!" (The parents smash inside.) "Hey, what have we got here? A couple of spotted hyenas?" (Pongo and Perdita stand ready to attack.) "C’mon, Horace, old pal." (Pongo jumps into the battle, baring his jaws, and clamps down on Horace’s club.) Give ‘em what for. I’m right behind ya, lad." (Horace hits Jasper.) "Oof! Oh, you clumsy clod!" (Jasper kicks him.)

(Colonel watches the action from a window.)

Horace: "Hey, Jasper! I’ll knock the spots off you! Let go! Let go!"

(Perdita bites Horace's pant leg. Jasper swings a chair and Pongo jumps on him.)

Colonel: (in surprise) "Well, by George!"

(A puppy barks. Jasper scowls and the puppy scampers off. Jasper kicks Pongo against the wall.)

Jasper: "You mangy mongrel!" (Pongo shakes his head dizzily.) "I’ll knock your blinking block off!" (He bites Jasper's rear end.) "YEOW!!"

(The Colonel looks through a hole in the door.)

Colonel: "Blast ‘em, Tibs. Go on, give ‘em what for."

Sergeant Tibbs: "No, no, Colonel! Retreat, retreat!"

Colonel: "Yes. Oh, yes, of course. Retreat! Retreat, on the double!"

(The puppies follow Tibbs and the Colonel to the front door. Perdita attacks Horace.)

Horace: "Help, Jasper, Jasper! Get me outta here!"

Jasper: "Hey, Horace, they’re fighting dirty!"

(Pongo tears Jasper's suspenders. Jasper's pants fall to his ankles.)

Horace: "Oh, oh, oh!" (Perdita pulls a rug from under Horace, who falls in the fireplace.) "Oh, oh, oh!" (He hits his head in the fireplace and bolts away, as he puts out the flames on the seat of his pants.) "Jasper!"

Jasper: "Horace!"

(With his pants on fire, Horace knocks Jasper against a wall. It cracks and the ceiling collapses on them.)

Pongo: "C’mon, Perdy. Let’s go."

(The two dogs follow the paw prints in the snow. Horace and Jasper go outside.)

Jasper: (angrily) "I’ll skin every one of them little spotted hyenas if it’s the last thing I do!"

(At the same time, Pongo and Perdita run inside the barn, where they reunite with their puppies.)

Patch: "Dad! Mother!"

Freckles: "I missed you, Mommy."

Penny: "Here we are, Mommy."

Perdita: (relieved) "Oh, my darlings… my darlings!"

Lucky: "How’d you find us, Dad?"

Pongo: (laughing) "Lucky, Patch, Pepper! Freckles!"

(Tibbs sighs lovingly on Colonel's head.)

Dipstick: "Oh, Daddy!"

Pongo: "And Rolly, you little rascal!"

Rolly: "Did you bring me anything to eat?"

Pongo: "Everybody here? All?"

Patch: "Twice that many, Dad. Now there’s 99 of us!"

Pongo: (stunned) "What? 99…?" (He sees the 84 extra dalmatian puppies sitting on the hay bales.) "Where did they all come from?"

Perdita: (stunned) "What on earth would she want with so many?"

Dalmatian Puppy 4: She’s gonna make coats out of us.

Perdita: "She couldn’t!"

Sergeant Tibbs: (serious) "That’s right: Dog-skin coats."

Colonel: (doubtful) "Oh, dog-skin coats! Oh, come now, Tibbs!"

Sergeant Tibbs: (truthfully) "But it’s true, sir."

Patch: "Horace and Jasper were gonna pop us off and… skin us!"

Perdita: "She’s a devil, a witch! What’ll we do?"

Pongo: "We have to get back to London somehow."

Patch: "What about the others? What’ll they do?"

(The 84 Dalmatian puppies sit there on the hay bales, wondering about their fate, until Pongo makes his decision.)

Pongo: (judiciously) "Perdy, we’ll take them home with us; all of them. Our pets would never turn them out."

Captain: (snorting) "Colonel, sir, lights on the road. It’s a truck headin’ this way."

(Captain and Tibbs see the Baduns driving their truck down the road as their follow their tracks.)

Sergeant Tibbs: "It’s the Baduns, Horace and Jasper. They‘re following our tracks."

Colonel: "Well, we’ve got ‘em out numbered, Tibs. When I give the signal, we’ll attack."

Sergeant Tibbs: "Colonel, sir, I’m afraid that would be disastrous."

Colonel: "Ahem! Oh, you think so?"

Pongo: "He's right, Colonel. We’d better run for it."

Sergeant Tibbs: "Out the back way, across the pasture."

Pongo: "Thank you, Sergeant, Colonel, Captain."

Perdita: "Bless you all."

Pongo: "How can we ever repay you?"

Colonel: "Ahem! Nothing at all. All in the line of duty."

Sergeant Tibbs: "That’s right, sir… routine."

Captain: "Better be off. Here they come."

(The Baduns park their truck outside and begin to enter the barn.)

Perdita: "C’mon, kids, hurry."

(Perdita leads the puppies out the barn and across the pasture.)

Sergeant Tibbs: "Good luck, Pongos."

Colonel: "Yes, good luck, and never fear! We’ll hold them off ‘til the bitter end!"

(Captain neighs for Colonel's attention as he hustles on the spot. Just as Horace and Jasper enter the barn, Colonel appears and barks at them.)

Jasper: "Now, what’s this? Hey, out of my way, you barkin’ haystack, or I’ll knock your blinkin’ block off!" (He swings his poker at Colonel.)

(Pongo sees the Baduns and leaves, following the Dalmatian puppies behind, just as Horace and Jasper come in, armed with their flashlights and weapons, cornering Colonel by the hay.)

Horace: "Well, they ain’t in here, Jasper."

Jasper: "No. They’re hiding in the hay. Here, give me a match. We’ll burn ‘em out."

(As Horace hands his brother the match, Sgt. Tibbs grabs onto Captain's ears and prepares to use him as a cannon.)

Sergeant Tibbs: "Ready, Captain. Aim..." (Captain raises his hind leg.) "Fire one!" (Tibbs pulls down Captain's ear, letting him kick Jasper in the butt and into the barn wall, surprising Colonel.) "Fire two!" (Tibbs fires Captain's leg, kicking Horace in the butt and right into the barn wall where Horace is.)

Jasper: "Hey!" (He clunks into Horace's head.) "There they go, the little sneaks!" (The dalmatians have left their paw prints in the snow.) "C’mon, Horace, back to the truck. We’ll head ‘em off in half a mile."

(They rush back outside, where Jasper rides up in the truck and lets his brother get on. They drive down the country road and stop at a bridge, where they shine their flashlights on a frozen creek.)

Jasper: "Ah, they gotta be around here somewhere."

(The Dalmatians are hiding under the bridge from the two goons. Rolly, on the other hand, has little room as he squirms around between two of his siblings.)

Horace: "Jasper, I’ve been thinkin’."

Jasper: "Now, Horace."

(Jasper shines his flashlight on the creek, just as Rolly bursts out from the formation and near the flashlight.)

Horace: "Well, what if they went down the froze-up creek so‘s not to leave their tracks?"

(Jasper meanly yanks Horace back in his car seat.)

Jasper: "Aw, Horace, you idiot! Dogs ain’t that smart."

(Rolly lands his hind legs on the ice and breathes a sigh of relief, as Jasper starts up the truck and drives off into the distance. Pongo watches them leave and then turns to Perdita and the puppies.)

Pongo: "All clear, Perdy. All clear."

(The rest of the family comes out from under the bridge.)

Freckles: "We gave ‘em the slip!" (He slips on the ice in front of Pongo.) "Didn’t we, Dad?"

Penny: "They didn’t even see us, Patch!" (laughs)

Perdita: "Shh, children. Children, shh."

(As the puppies continue walking, some of the other puppies form a dalmatian chain by clinging onto Perdita's tail and then each other's tail with their mouths. The next puppy tries to cling onto the other one's tail, but he or she trips over and bumps into Rolly, as they both slide on the ice. As the puppies go on ahead, Lucky tries catching up to them, but his feet slip on the ice.)

Lucky: "My feet are slippery. I wish we could walk on the snow."

Pongo: (picking up Lucky with his mouth) "No, son, we can’t leave tracks."

(Pongo follows the dalmatians behind with Lucky in his teeth. His hind legs slip on the ice, then he stands back up and resumes following them.)

(The next morning, as a rooster crows, Cruella drives up in her car and speeds right past the Baduns, who spin around in their truck and stop likewise. Cruella backs her car up to face them.)

Cruella de Vil: "Well, any sign of them?"

Jasper: "Not so much as one bloomin’ footprint, and we’ve been up and down every blinkin' road in the whole county."

(Horace breathes into his gloves to keep warm.)

Horace: "We’re froze stiff. We’re givin’ up."

Cruella de Vil: (angrily) "Oh, no, you don’t!" (She violently grabs Horace.) "We’ll find the little mongrels if it takes ‘til next Christmas. Now, get going!" (She cruelly stuffs Horace back into his seat, scaring the two of them.) "And, watch your driving, you imbeciles! Do you wanna get nabbed by the police?"

(She backs up her car, just as Horace and Jasper peer out the side and watch rocket away, as her kicks up snow all over them, as the camera fades out on them.)

(Meanwhile, the dalmatian clan is caught in a heavy snowstorm. Pongo is keeping track of the dalmatian puppies behind.)

Pongo: "93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98…" (He sees Lucky struggling to keep up with the rest of the group.) "Oh, Lucky!" (He grabs Lucky with his teeth and carries him the rest of the way.) C’mon, Lucky boy. We can’t give up now."

Lucky: (whining) "I’m tired and I’m hungry and my tail’s froze… and my nose is froze and my ears are froze. And my toes are froze."

(They hear barking in the distance.)

Collie: (calling out) "Pongo! (barks again) Pongo! Pongo! (He meets up with Pongo and Lucky.) We’d just about lost hope. We have shelter for you… at the dairy barn across the road."

(The dairy barn is shown ahead of Pongo, Lucky, and the collie.)

Pongo: "Oh, thank goodness." (He runs to Perdita who is leading the rest of the puppies and calls out to her.) "Perdy! Perdy!" (Perdita hears her mate calling.) "This way, Perdy. The dairy barn across the road."

Perdita: "C’mon, kids." (Perdita leads the puppies to the dairy barn.)

Pongo: "It’s not far. C’mon, this way. Follow the collie."

(The freezing wind makes it hard for the puppies to walk ahead, but they steadily continue. The collie goes to the front door, opens it with his paw, and ushers the entire dalmatian clan inside the barn, where they are greeted by a row of dairy cows.).

Princess: "Just look, Queenie. Have you ever seen so many puppies? "

Queenie: "Aren’t they adorable!"

Duchess: "Perfectly darling."

Princess: "The poor, little dears. They're completely worn out and half frozen!"

(Pongo puts Lucky down by Perdita's feet.)

Perdita: "They all here, Pongo?"

Pongo: "Yes, dear. All accounted for."

Queenie: "The famous Pongos. We were so worried about you."

Collie: "Been trying to reach you for hours. Afraid you’d been captured."

Queenie: "How did you make it all this way? And in such dreadful weather?"

Duchess: "And with all those little ones."

Rolly: "I’m hungry, Mother. I’m hungry."

Cadpig: "I’m hungry, too."

Freckles: "Mother, we’re hungry."

All: (chattering) "We’re all hungry."

Perdita: "I’m sorry, children."

(Countess whispers something into Princess' ear.)

Princess: "Do they like warm milk? It’s fresh."

Perdita: "Oh."

Rolly: "Where, mother? Where is it?"

Freckles: "Where is the milk?"

Queenie: (tenderly) "Come and get it, kids. It’s on the house."

Perdita: "This way, children. Around this way." (Perdita leads the kids behind the dairy cows to let the kids feed on their mill.) "Now, don’t crowd. You’ll have to take turns." (Rolly tries pushing through his siblings to suck on one of the cows' udders.) "Rolly, wait your turn, dear." (Rolly gets on a stool to reach the udder but trips over.)

Duchess: "Don’t worry, kids. There’s plenty for all." (She feels her udder being touched by one of the puppies.) "Ooh! The little darlings."

(While the puppies feed on the cows' milk, Pongo sits aside as the Collie brings him a discarded sandwich.)

Collie: "Pongo, a few scraps I saved for you and the missus."

Pongo: "Oh, thank you."

Collie: "It’s not much, but it might hold you as far as Dinsford."

Pongo: "Huh? Dinsford?"

Collie: "Yes, there’s a Labrador there. His pet is a grocer."

Pongo: (yawning) "Oh, I… I’m terribly sorry."

Collie: "Oh, quite all right. Quite all right. Now, get some rest and don’t worry. I’ll be standing watch."

(The Collie goes outside to keep an eye out for Cruella and the Baduns. Pongo lays down to rest.)

Perdita: "I don’t know what we’d have done if…"

Queenie: "Oh, we’re very honoured to be of service."

Princess: "We’re only sorry we can’t do more."

(Pongo and Perdita are now fast asleep.)

Duchess: "Anyone who would think of hurting these dear, little puppies…"

Queenie: "Shh! Duchess!"

(The puppies are now fast asleep with their parents, as a few of them try to make room for themselves.)

Duchess: "They’re so dear."

Princess: "I wish they could stay with us for always."

Queenie: "Princess, shh. Quiet, everyone. Let them sleep, the poor things. They’re so exhausted, and they still have such a long way to go."

(The camera fades out on the cows and the puppies.)

(The next morning, the camera opens on another wooded area, where the storm has died down. Perdita leads the puppies down a hill, already on their last stretch for home. As they cross a country road, Cruella's car is heard honking in the distance. The camera switches right to Pongo noticing the sound. Recognizing that Cruella is closing in on them, he dashes through the snow and leaps over the fence to urge the last of the puppies to hurry.)

Pongo: (urgently) "Hurry, kids. Hurry!"

(As the last of the puppies cross the road, Pongo grabs a tree branch off a tree and sweeps away their paw prints, using the branch as a broom. He gets out of the way just in time, as Cruella's car drives over the hill. However, it stops, and Cruella backs up their car, having noticed their paw prints.)

Cruella de Vil: (observant) "Well, now, what have we here?" (notices the trailing paw prints on the other side of the road) "Well…" (chuckles) "So, they thought they could outwit Cruella. Ha-ha-ha-ha!" (blares the horn) "Jasper! Horace!" (Jasper and Horace pull up in their truck next to their boss' car.) "Here’s their tracks heading straight for the village!"

Jasper: (noticing the paw prints) "Blimey! Oh, it’s them, all right."

Cruella de Vil: "Work your way south on the side roads. I’ll take the main road. See you in Dinsford!"

(She speeds away for Dinsford on the main road in her car, recklessly knocking Horace and Jasper's truck on the side road. Meanwhile, in Dinsford, the Labrador that the Collie mentioned to Pongo last evening stands outside a blacksmith shop and barks for any sign of the Dalmatians, who then arrive on schedule. Pongo runs ahead, barking in reply.)

Labrador: "Pongo, I’ve got a ride home for you!"

Pongo: "A ride home? Perdy, did you hear that?"

Perdita: "For all of us?"

Lucky: "You mean we don’t have to walk any more?"

Labrador: "If we can manage it. Cmon, we’d better hurry."

Perdita: "We’ve got a ride home! C’mon, children."

(Pongo and Perdita lead the puppies inside the blacksmith shop, as the Labrador brings the parents to the shop window to show a van outside in the village.)

Labrador: "See the van down the street? It’s going to London as soon as the engine’s repaired. And there’s room for all of you."

(Just then, Cruella arrives in the village in her car.)

Perdita: "Pongo, there’s Cruella!"

(Cruella then drives down one side of the street, forcing the Labrador, Pongo, and Perdita to duck down from Cruella searching for them. As soon as they raise their heads, Pongo sees Horace and Jasper looking for them, too.)

Pongo: "Yes… and Jasper and Horace."

Perdita: "Pongo, how will we get to the van?"

Pongo: "I don’t know, Perdy. But somehow, we’ve got to."

Lucky: "Mother, Dad, Patch pushed me in the fireplace."

Patch: "Lucky pushed me first."

Lucky: "Did not."

Patch: "Did too."

Lucky: "Did not."

Patch: "Did too."

Lucky: "Did not!" (He sticks his tongue at Patch.)

Perdita: "Please, children, don’t quarrel."

(Pongo looks at the kids being covered in soot and then at the fireplace.)

Pongo: "Say… Perdy, I’ve got an idea." (He rolls around in a big pile of soot.)

Perdita: (disgustedly) "Pongo, what on earth…"

(Pongo comes out of the pile, fully disguised as a labrador.)

Pongo: "Look, I’m a Labrador!" (The puppies look at him with curiosity.) "We‘ll all roll in the soot! We'll all be Labradors!"

Labrador: (pleased) "Say, that is an idea!"

Pongo: "C’mon, kids! Roll in the soot!" (He digs up more soot for his family.)

Freckles: "You mean, you want us to get dirty?"

Penny: "Did you hear that, Freckles? Dad wants us to get dirty."

Freckles: "Mother, should we?"

Perdita: (dismayed) "Do as your father says."

Penny: "This’ll be fun!"

Lucky: "I always wanted to get good and dirty."

(All the puppies laugh as they jump into the soot and roll around in it.)

Pongo: (pleased) "That’s the stuff! The blacker, the better!"

(The puppies leave the soot pile, now in their soot disguises.)

Lucky: "I’m ready."

Patch: "Me too!"

Freckles: "How’s this, Dad?"

Pongo: (to the puppies) "Wait a minute. Now, that’s enough. Not too many at a time." (He sees Rolly half-covered in soot and running ahead.) "Uh-oh. Rolly, hold on, son. You’re only half done." (Pongo stops Rolly by grabbing his tail with this teeth.)

(The labrador is the first to have the first group of puppies to bring to the van.)

Labrador: "And now, stay right with me, kids." (They stop as they see one of Cruella's tires rolling in the snow.)

Penny: (giggling) "We’re gonna fool the ol’ mad lady."

(Then the labrador slowly brings the puppies out into the open, while Horace and Jasper check each nook and cranny with their weapons in the village.)

Perdita: (nervous) "Pongo, I’m so afraid."

(As the labrador leads the puppies to the van, Horace sees their soot disguises.)

Horace: (pointing out to the puppies for Jasper) "Look, Jasper: Do you suppose they disguised themselves?"

Jasper: (taking note of Horace's observation) "Say now, Horace. That’s just what they did. Dogs is always paintin’ themselves black!" (meanly conks him on the head) "You idiot!"

(They reach the van, where the labrador loads each puppy with his teeth onto the tailgate. Pongo watches them from the window back at the blacksmith's shop.)

Pongo: "Well, so far, so good. C’mon, Perdy. Better get on your make-up. I’ll go ahead with the next bunch."

(Pongo leaves to get the next bunch of puppies, until Perdita sees Cruella coming in her car and ducks down to avoid being seen by her as Cruella passes the window the other way. Pongo and the puppies wait to move outside, until Cruella stops her car. Perdita then sees Horace and Jasper coming and runs off to hide. Before Jasper gets a closer look, both he and Horace hear Cruella blowing her horn.)

Cruella de Vil: (shouting inappropriately) "Jasper! Horace!" (The two goons walk over to her car.) "Well?"

Jasper: "Aw, now, be reasonable, miss."

Horace: "We’re froze clean to our bones."

(Pongo leads the next batch of puppies outside.)

Jasper: "We’ve been out all night and all day and with nothin’ to eat."

Cruella de Vil: "They’re somewhere in this village, and we’re going to find them!" (shifts her car's gears) "Now, get going!"

(As she speeds off, Pongo and the labrador check to see if the coast is clear.)

Pongo: "Do you think they’ve seen us?"

(They then see the van's exhaust pipe rumbling and belching out smoke.)

Labrador: "No, but we’re running out of time."

(While Pongo leaves to get the next group of puppies, a car mechanic is working on the van's engine.)

Car Mechanic: "Try ‘er again, mate."

(As the truck driver starts his engine again, Perdita is now in her soot disguise as she leads the next batch of puppies.)

Pongo: (to Perdita) "Hurry, Perdy. The van’s about to leave."

(Perdita brings the puppies over to the van and helps the labrador load them onto the tailgate, until they see Horace and Jasper checking a trash can and a rain pipe to search for the puppies.)

Labrador: "Better hurry."

(Perdita then runs back to the shop, as Pongo brings out the next batch of puppies. At the same time, Cruella's car turns round the fountain, as Cruella peers her head out the window to keep looking. The batch of puppies run behind the van, while the car mechanic makes final repairs to the engine as the driver looks on. Three of the puppies hide against the van's wall from Cruella, who clears the area. The labrador and his bunch of puppies come out from their hiding places, as Perdita brings the next bunch of puppies out to the van.)

Pongo: "I’ll get the rest." (He leaves the grab the last bunch.)

Car Mechanic: "Well, that ought to do 'er." (He closes the truck hood.) "At least, she’ll get you back to London."

Labrador: "Better get aboard, miss."

(The van has its engine working, as Perdita leaps onto the tailgate and helps with the loading. As Pongo returns to get the last bunch of puppies, he sees Horace and Jasper standing outside the blacksmith shop.)

Horace: "Hey, Jasper."

(Horace whacks Jasper softly on the butt to get his attention. Then, Jasper shakes his fire poker on the door, scaring the puppies into hiding.)

Jasper: "C’mon, Horace."

(Jasper and Horace head go to the back of the blacksmith shop to investigate the interior, but Pongo catches up to the last of the puppies and leads them out just in time.)

Pongo: (urgently) "Hurry, kids!" (They are stopped by Cruella's car.) "C’mon, kids. Run on ahead."

(Cruella glares at them in suspicion.)

Freckles: "She’s watching us, Dad."

Pongo: "Keep going. Keep going."

(Just then, melting icicle droplets fall on the puppies' soot, turning it into white spots and exposing their true identity. Pongo looks up and sees the droplets falling from the edge of a nearby roof.)

Cruella de Vil: (superstitiously) "It can’t be!" (She glares in her side-view mirror.) It’s impossible!"

(But, it is. With the soot splashing off from the droplets, she sees the Dalmatians' fur as the truck slowly pulls away. A clump of snow falls on Lucky, forcing Pongo to grab Lucky out of the snow, as his fur is revealed as well.)

Labrador: (urgently) "Run for it!"

Cruella de Vil: "Jasper! Horace!" (She impatiently blasts the car horn, while Jasper and Horace struggle to burst through the shed door.) "JASPER!" (They then knock it down right into her face, as it turns out she was parked right outside.) "There they go! In the van! After them! AFTER THEM!"

(As Pongo and the Labrador bring the last two puppies for the van, Pongo and Lucky trip on the snow, as Horace and Jasper close in on them. Fortunately, as the labrador gives the 98th puppy to Perdita, he turns around and attacks Horace and Jasper, giving Pongo and Lucky enough time to escape. Pongo jumps onto the tailgate and gives Lucky to Perdita. The van hits a bump, almost forcing Pongo to fall off the tailgate, but he keeps a firm grip on the wood surface and pulls himself on board. The van makes a left turn out of Dinsford and takes the main road to London. Pongo and Perdita look at the road going away behind them and look back at the puppies hiding in the furniture. Just then, Cruella and the Baduns drive up in their vehicles, with Cruella quickly following the van and the Baduns taking an opposite road.)

Perdita: "Pongo! There she is: Cruella!"

(The puppies hide for cover as Cruella comes from behind the van and rams against it to force it off the road. This angers the truck driver, though.)

Truck Driver: (mad) "Hey, lady, what in thunder are you tryin’ to do?!" (Cruella rudely ignores him as she sneaks behind the van.) "Crazy woman driver!"

(Cruella re-appears from the left and slams into the van again. She thrashes against the van wildly, almost flinging the puppies away, while the driver struggles to keep his van on the road. Just then, she sees a road barrier and tries to stop her car, but it crashes through the barrier and ends up in a ditch, while the van crosses the bridge. That does not stop Cruella, as she puts her car in reverse and goes full speed ahead on the other side of the hill. Her car reaches the top and hits a grove of trees, shedding off some of its parts. Cruella is now a psychopath on wheels, as her car resembles a hot rod now. Perdita sees the Baduns traveling down a mountain road.)

Perdita: "Pongo, look!"

(The Baduns also have plans to crash the van. Jasper is wickedly confident about this, while Horace holds onto the roof support for dear life.)

Horace: "Jasper!"

Jasper: (cackling) "There ain’t nothin’ to it! I’ll give him a nudge..." (cackling) "And shove him in the dirt! Ha-ha!"

(Then, Cruella returns. As the puppies hide once again, rage appears in Cruella's eyes, and the parents gape in horror. Cruella rams her car against the van's rear-end bumper and swerves the van in both directions to destroy it. Both cars hit a barrier, forcing Perdita to catch Lucky, who blinks at the surrounding gorge in terror.)

Pongo: "Perdy, watch out!"

(The battle continues with both drivers fighting for control over the road, until they near the junction where Horace and Jasper are preparing to make their move.)

Horace: (Accidentally snaps the steering wheel off.) "Jasper!"

Jasper: "Horace!"

(Horace and Jasper's truck swerves out of control down the mountain and crashes into Cruella's car. A burst of yellow and blue appears, as both automobiles and drivers go flying into the air. The Dalmatians watch the crash unfold as the van continues its journey to London. Both Cruella and Horace and Jasper's vehicles are now torn into pieces on the slope leading to the riverbank.)

Cruella de Vil: (throws a meltdown) "You idiots! You, you fools! You imbeciles!" (She starts sobbing hysterically.)

Jasper: (calmly) "Ah, shut up!"

(Both Horace and Jasper watch their boss go into a breakdown, as Cruella continues slams her fist on a tire while she continues sobbing.)

(Meanwhile, Roger and Anita are sitting back home in London while trying to celebrate Christmas. Roger's "Cruella de Vil" song has become a hit on the radio, but Roger is feeling gloomy about it as he sits in his armchair.)

Radio Singer: ♪ You've seen her kind of eyes, ♪

♪ Watching you from underneath, ♪

♪ A rock! ♪

♪ Cruella De Vil, ♪

♪ Cruella- ♪

(Roger shuts off the radio, while Anita decorates their Christmas tree.)

Anita: (consoling him) "Roger, after all, that’s your first big hit. It’s made more money than we ever dreamed of."

Roger: "Yes, I know." (He walks over to their family portrait of Pongo and Perdita.) "I still can’t believe that Pongo and Perdy would run away."

Nanny: (unhappily) "Here’s a bit of Christmas cheer for you, If there’s anything to be cheerful about. Oh, those dear little things. Sometimes at night I can hear them barking, but it always turns out I’m dreaming."

(Before Nanny goes into the kitchen to weep, she hears barking sounds. Nanny rushes to the front door and sees the Dalmatians happily galloping inside, still in their soot disguises. Pongo lovingly tackles Roger to the floor)

Anita: (shocked) "Roger, what on earth?!"

Roger: "They’re Labradors!"

(Perdita tackles Anita against the window seat, as Nanny, having paw prints coated in soot on her apron, realizes the truth.)

Nanny: "Oh, no! They’re covered with soot." (She sees Lucky in his true fur and lovingly picks him up.) "Look, here’s Lucky!"

(Roger wipes off Pongo's face and sees his true fur.)

Roger: "Pongo, boy, is that you?" (Pongo dances with his pet.) "Oh, Pongo, Pongo! Ho-ho! It’s Pongo!"

(Anita wipes off Perdita's face with her apron and sees her true fur as well.)

Anita: "And Perdy, my darling!" (She snuggles with Perdita.)

(Nanny wipes off the rest of the puppies, uncovering their true fur.)

Nanny: "And Patch, and Rolly, and Penny, and Freckles! They’re all here, the little dears!"

Roger: "It’s a miracle!"

Anita: " Oh, Roger, what a wonderful Christmas present!"

Nanny: "And, look! There’s a whole lot more!"

Roger: "Look, Anita, puppies everywhere!"

Anita: "There must be a hundred of them!"

Nanny: (dusting off the puppies) "One, two, three and four is seven. Eight, nine, 10, ho-ho!"

Roger: (counting) "Two, four, six, and three is nine, plus two is 11."

Nanny: "36 over here!"

Roger: "36 and 11?! That’s 47!"

Anita: "14, 18, Roger."

Roger: "That’s 65!"

(Nanny dusts a few more of the puppies at the fireplace.)

Nanny: "10, 11, 12, 13!"

Anita: "Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Six more."

Roger: "Let’s see now. That’s 84, and 15 plus two… 101!

Anita: (shocked) "101?"
(She almost sits on the couch but stands back up as the puppies make way for her.)Anita: "Where did they come from?"
Roger: "Oh, Pongo, you old rascal!" (He rubs Pongo's head.)
Anita: "What’ll we do with them?"
Roger: "We’ll keep’ em."
Anita: "In this little house?"
Roger: "We’ll buy a big place in the country!"
(Pongo, Perdita, and the puppies bark with happiness, concurring with Roger as Perdita looks on.) "We’ll have a plantation; a Dalmatian plantation!"
(Anita hugs Roger.)
Anita: "Oh, Rog, that’s truly an inspiration."
(Nanny dusts off the last of the puppies.)
Nanny: "It’ll be a sensation!"
Roger: "We’ll have a Dalmatian plantation." (Roger sits at the piano and hits a few keys.) "A Dalmatian plantation, I say.
(He then plays and sings his new song.)
Roger: ♪ We'll have a Dalmatian Plantation, ♪ ♪ Where our population can roam. ♪
Rolly: "I’m hungry, mother."
Roger: ♪ If this new location, ♪ ♪ Our whole aggregation, ♪ ♪ Will love our plantation home. ♪
(Pongo and Perdita howl along as the chorus, followed by the puppies, as Nancy dances around, shaking her feather duster.)
All: ♪ Dalmatian Plantation home! ♪
(As the celebration continues inside Roger and Anita's flat, the camera cuts outside and zooms out to focus on the skyline of London, as all the other dogs howl to celebrate the Dalmatians' return and their pets turn on their lights across the city.)



What is the original version of 101 Dalmatians? ›

One Hundred and One Dalmatians (also simply known as 101 Dalmatians) is a 1961 American animated adventure comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions and based on the 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith.

Will there be a 103 Dalmatians movie? ›

103 Dalmatians is an upcoming 2027 comedy film. It is a second sequel to the 1996 film 101 Dalmatians and its 2000 sequel, 102 Dalmatians. It will be released on March 26, 2027.

Does Cruella retcon 101 Dalmatians? ›

Cruella de Vil is one of cinema's most iconic villains, but her new origin film retcons so much of "101 Dalmatians" that she's almost unrecognizable.

What is the moral of the story of 101 Dalmatians? ›

Whether it's a book, a TV series or a cartoon, the moral of 101 Dalmatians has remained the same: Animals deserve our deep and abiding love.

Which puppy almost died in 101 Dalmatians? ›

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Lucky is one of Pongo and Perdita's fifteen puppies. He is the puppy who nearly dies soon after his birth in both the animated and live-action films but was revived through the efforts of Roger Radcliffe.

What's the oldest Disney movie? ›

99 Years of Storytelling. In 1937, Walt Disney Animation Studios released its first fully animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, pioneering a new form of family entertainment.

Did they actually have 99 puppies in 101 Dalmatians? ›

Then in 1996 the live action Disney film was aired, costing $75 million to make but grossing $320.6 million in revenue. In order to make the film there were actually 230 different puppies used because as pups do, they kept growing, so each litter could only be used for a period of 2 weeks before they got too big.

Why was Cruella after the Dalmatians? ›

In most of her incarnations, Cruella kidnaps the 15 puppies of the main Dalmatian character, Pongo, intending to turn them into fur coats along with other Dalmatian puppies she legally bought before.

Did Cruella have a dog? ›

Owner(s) Buddy is a supporting character in the 2021 live-action Disney film Cruella. He is a stray mixed-breed dog, who serves as Cruella De Vil's dog companion.

Why did Cruella give Pongo? ›

Why Does Cruella Give A Dalmatian Puppy To Roger? Cruella's credits scene sees her give the Dalmatian pups - Pongo and Perdita - to Roger and Anita, respectively. It makes some sense that she would give one to Anita: Cruella isn't exactly blessed with a lot of close friends.

Who did Cruella give Pongo to? ›

Cruella Gives Pongo To Roger & Perdita To Anita In The End-Credits Scene. In the original 1961 movie 101 Dalmatians, aspiring songwriter Roger Radcliffe and his love interest Anita each coincidentally own a unique breed of dog — the Dalmatian.

Was Jasper in love with Cruella? ›

It's teased throughout the movie but Cruella and Jasper do not end up romantically linked.

Why didn t Walt Disney like 101 Dalmatians? ›

The Drawing Style Of 101 Dalmatians

Messy and scribbly, it's markedly different from other Disney movies. As the Smithsonian reports, this is down to the use of a Xerox machine to make animation quicker and easier. But Walt wasn't convinced. He apparently found it hard to get used to this new aesthetic.

Who is the evil in 100 Dalmatians? ›

Cruella on the page. When Dodie Smith first introduced Cruella de Vil in her novel The One Hundred and One Dalmatians, she called immediate attention to the villain's outfit.

What did Anita do in 101 Dalmatians? ›

In the book, Anita Darling is the owner — or, as author Dodie Smith so cheekily put it, "pet" — of dog mom Perdita. Perdita births 15 pups at the start of 101 Dalmatians, but later becomes responsible for 99 when she and the Starlight Barking network help a herd of stolen pups to safety.

Why does Roger rub the puppy? ›

In 101 Dalmations, a newly-born puppy is brought to his dalmatian father Pongo and owner Roger – and is brought back to life with vigorous rubbing from his human master, much to the relief of anxious Pongo.

Did the mom birth all 101 Dalmatians? ›

The birth of the puppies actually happened to the author Dodie Smith. Her dalmatians had 15 puppies, one was born lifeless and her husband revived it. However, they sold most of them, and kept only a small number.

How much did Cruella offer for the puppies? ›

Cruella offers Anita £7,500 pounds for all 15 puppies. In USD, that amounts to $10,338.76 that she was offering her. If adjusted for inflation, the number comes up to $17,738.32 in 2021 dollars.

What is the oldest Disney character still in use? ›

Pete is the oldest continuing Disney character, having debuted in the cartoon Alice Solves the Puzzle in 1925. He originally bore the appearance of an anthropomorphic bear, but with the advent of Mickey in 1928, he was defined as a cat. Peter Pete Sr.

When was Disney's Dark Age? ›

There is one era of Disney's output (1970-1988) that is often overlooked and described as 'the dark age,' referring to when Walt Disney Pictures was trying to follow in Walt Disney's footsteps after his death.

Why does oddball have no spots? ›

In order to make the dalmatian without spots, "Oddball", completely white, the production team tried putting make-up on the dogs, trying to paint off the spots, putting plain white suits on the dogs, finding another breed of dog, none of this worked so eventually the spots had to be removed digitally, erased in each ...

Was there 102 Dalmatians? ›

102 Dalmatians is a 2000 American crime comedy film directed by Kevin Lima and produced by Edward S. Feldman and Walt Disney Pictures.

How many puppies did Predator give birth to in 101 Dalmatians? ›

In the first film, Perdita gives birth to a litter of fifteen puppies who are later kidnapped by two criminals named Jasper and Horace, who were actually hired by Cruella De Vil.

Is Cruella bipolar? ›

The first thing Disney did to make Cruella a redeemable character was to portray her as having dissociative identity disorder (sometimes called multiple personality disorder).

How old was Estella in Cruella? ›

The film's main character, Estella, is a creative and clever young girl around 12 years old, who plans to one day make a name for herself as a fashion designer. After her mother's death and running from orphanages, she is forced to come up with crafty ways to survive.

What breed is Cruella's dog? ›

It's clear that Emma Stone is the star of Cruella, but the new Disney film also introduced animal lovers to a rising talent: Wink the Chihuahua.

What are the 2 dogs from Cruella? ›

The well-dressed Wink the chihuahua is played by a dog named Bluebell. In the movie, she belongs to henchman Horace Badun (Paul Walter Hauser). (According to IMDb, several Wink doubles were used, including dogs named Nala, Dane, Dixie, and Mozart.)

Is the chihuahua in Cruella real? ›

So, dog trainer April Mackin revealed how she trained the dog for the role. The secret is that Wink wasn't just played by one dog; he was played by five! It's sort of like how some toddlers on TV are played by twins. Mackin said that each Wink actor had their own personality, and some are even rescue dogs.

Why did Cruella want the puppies? ›

In 101 Dalmatians, Cruella wanted to purchase Perdita and Pongo's Dalmatian puppies because she was a selfish heiress who viewed the puppies as a fashionable commodity to be exploited rather than as innocent living beings.

Why did Cruella's mom not want her? ›

Her desire to be the only person to maintain her wealth and fame went so as far as refusing to keep and even slaughter her only daughter, as she feared the child would take admiration off of her and inherit the Baron's fortune, showing that she is incapable of love whatsoever.

How did Cruella know Anita? ›

The first film establishes that she is was a schoolmate to Cruella de Vil, and the two apparently shared a friendship at one point. By adulthood, Anita seems to be exhausted after Cruella's meetings and admits at one point that Cruella is eccentric.

What did the end of Cruella mean? ›

Technically, Cruella didn't kill anyone at the end of the movie, but she framed the Baroness for her murder, sending the fashion diva to a future that is purely prison garbed black-and-white.

Who is the lady laughing in Cruella? ›

Emma Stone has revealed the secret to perfecting her 'evil laugh' as the title character in the new Disney film Cruella.

Is Cruella De Vil Anita's aunt? ›

Anita is the wife of Roger Radcliffe and the owner of Perdita. The first film establishes that she and Cruella De Vil had gone to school together as children and were apparently friends at one points.

Who is the pregnant Dalmatian in Cruella? ›

Cruella, in short order, has established that Genghis is pregnant, and that Cruella has given away two of her puppies to people she considers friends. Roger, a former lawyer for Baroness von Hellman, and Anita, a reporter with whom Cruella was friends with in childhood, are both recipients of those puppies.

Who married Cruella De Vil? ›

De Vil is Cruella's husband. He was present in both the novel and the musical.

Does Cruella have a daughter? ›

Christina Angela De Vil is the third daughter and fourth child of Cruella De Vil.

Who is Cruella's husband? ›

Feinberg was a banker who met and married Cruella De Vil.

Which version of 101 Dalmatians is better? ›


Both versions are good but it's the original animated film that stands out as the better of the two easily. The superior movie of the two, the 1961 101 Dalmatians movie.

How many remakes are there of 101 Dalmatians? ›

101 Dalmatians (franchise)
101 Dalmatians
Films and television
Film(s)One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) 101 Dalmatians (1996) 102 Dalmatians (2000) Cruella (2021)
Television seriesOnce Upon a Time (2014–2016)‡
12 more rows

Is 101 Dalmatians a Disney original? ›

Walt Disney's beloved animated masterpiece 101 Dalmatians is a spot-on, puppy-filled adventure! Join a heroic cast of irresistible tail-wagging characters as they set out to rescue Pongo and Perdita's puppies from Cruella de Vil, the most fabulously outrageous villainess of all time.

Did they remake 101 Dalmatians? ›

101 Dalmatians is a 1996 American adventure comedy film, which is a live action adaptation of Walt Disney's 1961 animated film of almost the same name, itself an adaptation of Dodie Smith's 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians.

Is Cruella the same Cruella from 101 Dalmatians? ›

While there are a few nods to the iconic Disney film, including an appearance from Anita and Cruella's iconic car, Cruella mostly acts as a stand-alone film, separate from the 101 Dalmatians universe.

How old is Cruella de Vil? ›

In Disney's original animated “101 Dalmatians” from 1961, Cruella de Vil is an evil woman in her sixties whose goal is to kill and skin the Dalmatians for their fur as a new fashion statement.

Is Cruella de Vil French? ›

In most of her incarnations, Cruella kidnaps the 15 puppies of the main character, Dalmatian Pongo, intending to turn them into fur coats along with other Dalmatian puppies she legally bought before.
Cruella de Vil
14 more rows

How did Cruella know Roger and Anita? ›

Anita is the wife of Roger Radcliffe and the owner of Perdita. The first film establishes that she and Cruella De Vil had gone to school together as children and were apparently friends at one points.

How did Perdita have 99 puppies? ›

In the book, Anita Darling is the owner — or, as author Dodie Smith so cheekily put it, "pet" — of dog mom Perdita. Perdita births 15 pups at the start of 101 Dalmatians, but later becomes responsible for 99 when she and the Starlight Barking network help a herd of stolen pups to safety.

Is 101 Dalmatians connected to Lady and the Tramp? ›

Characters from "Lady and the Tramp" make an appearance.

You can spot a few familiar faces in "101 Dalmatians." During the "Twilight Bark" scene, characters from Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" are clearly visible — and Lady and Tramp themselves even make an appearance.

How is Cruella a prequel to 101 Dalmatians? ›

Like “Maleficent” (so-so), “Cruella” is a prequel of sorts. It purports to show us how the puppy-skinning madwoman of “101 Dalmatians” got that way. As if anyone, including your average puppy-loving kid, cared. Well, Disney couldn't live-action “101 Dalmatians” because they'd already done that.

What movie saved Disney? ›

Disney's next film, Mulan (1998), with a score by Jerry Goldsmith and songs by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel, earned $304 million at the worldwide box office, restoring the commercial and critical standing of Disney's output.

Who is Roger in Cruella? ›

Cruella (2021) - Kayvan Novak as Roger - IMDb.

Are they making a Cruella 2? ›

As of March 2023, a sequel has yet to go into production, and there is no confirmed start date. In March 2022, make-up artists Nadia Stacey and Julia Vernon told Variety (via Comicbook) the movie was a work in progress. "They're working on the script at the moment," Stacey said.

Why did Cruella give Pongo and Perdita? ›

Why Does Cruella Give A Dalmatian Puppy To Roger? Cruella's credits scene sees her give the Dalmatian pups - Pongo and Perdita - to Roger and Anita, respectively. It makes some sense that she would give one to Anita: Cruella isn't exactly blessed with a lot of close friends.


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